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Let's pretend I'm making a subaccount mod

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1 minute ago, Arceus said:

@kjSage, actually this functionality is already available in SMF via templates if you know what you're doing. With SubAccounts, you'd check to see if it's a subaccount, but same principle, and then use a different surrounding HTML in the post area. Because custom fields are also pulled in threads by default, whether you're using SubAccounts or the Character Mod, you can put character images right in the posting template, too. If you want selectable, differing templates, that's a whole other ballgame and would require its own mod, but it is doable and not really something that belongs on the character mod's shoulders.


The character mod should be ready for beta testing sometime tonight or in the morning. I don't have much left.

Oh neat! Didn't realize that could be done. As far as multiple templates go, I myself am lazy and generally only use one for each character unless I'm gifted one from a friend. I mean it would be cool to have but that's more wanting the cake and eating it too, and you're right that it doesn't need to be incorporated into this mod either.


I have to say I've happily used jcink for years, and now you finally have me jealous just for this. Maybe on the next rp I open I'll try something different.

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We have progressed to TESTING STAGE!!! The SMF Character Mod has reached RC1!


If you want to help test, i.e. come try and break it for me, lol, shoot me a PM and I'll send you the test board link.


Current Working Features:

  • Create, edit, delete characters.
  • Edit and delete for admins and staff.
  • Character approval queue, or turn it off.
  • Edit as many times as you please until you're done then tick done to ship'er to the staff.
  • Administration approval queue override; give your staff members the ability to bypass approval, if that's a thing you want to do. But tbfh, when you're the only one approving characters any friggin way, approving yourself gets tedious, so that's why that's there.
  • Approve or reject characters, rejecting just chucks them back into the in-progress pool, and can be deleted from there if you wish.
  • Customise biography fields. Add image uploads, large text areas, small text inputs, etc.
  • Character groups broken into potentially three different tiers, alliance, department, rank. Use only one, two, or all three, as needed, they're all aesthetic and can be ignored at will. Rename them to suit your site setting.
  • Upload group pips in the ACP.
  • Character titles, blurbs, and signatures.
  • Staff override for character editing, you can edit anyone's character if you have this permission.
  • (Don't worry, other players can't edit each other's characters.)
  • Posting selector in quick reply and posting screen.
  • Posts go to the character, not the player.
  • Separate character count, apart from the member count, for display on board stats.
  • Allow unlimited characters, or put a soft cap, or a hard cap, on character numbers. Notice, hard caps don't have an override. If you wanna hard cap, you'd better mean it.
  • Freely edit any post made by a character you own (technically, it's still your post).
  • Characters display online/offline markers, so all of them will say you're online if you are.
  • Characters also will have a post group if post groups are set up. Not the permissions that go with it, but you know, the title at least.
  • If you mispost, just edit and swap characters.
  • Threads that a character posts to are being automatically added to their thread tracker. They don't display yet, I'm amid doing that now.





Posting controls, and yes they work ahhh





User character management screen. It's missing the tracker button, but there is one. Lol



Fugly default profile template. I can do better than that, I just didn't, ngl. Note the edit button in the top right corner; that shows for users that own the character, and for staff.



Admin settings.



Main character management screen in ACP. Visit profiles to find edit buttons.



And this is the approval queue. The request changes link is just a player PM button, basically. Reject kicks them back into the in-progress queue.



The automatic thread tracker is done.




You can't add topics to your characters' trackers manually, it is all automatic. If they post in the thread, it appears in their tracker. From there, you can add notes or not, whatever floats it, and if you mispost, as I'm sure basically everyone will at least once, lol, you can remove the entry from the character you whups-posted with if they're not present in the thread. Does mean, if one of your characters in a thread never posts in it, they won't have it in their tracker.


Okay, so, basically, we're done, I just need some more prodding it to make sure it's not broke, and the Character Mod's ready to ship. Auto-lists, shipper handlers, auto-rankings, SubAccount converter, etc etc will come in the Char Mod's second release, but you can run it side-by-side with SubAccounts so the converter may wait until the third (it's not terribly important).

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