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Healthcare and Law enforcement recruiting, new species canons on site!

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Site Name: Devil's Tattoo

Site Link: http://devilstattoo.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

Canon List:


Devil's Tattoo is an original fantasy-themed, modern setting, small town roleplay, with humans and werecreatures as playable species. Character growth, clan politics, interpersonal interactions, suspense, action, criminal undertone, and mystery are at the core of the game.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Pine Creek, Kentucky, nestled right at the Appalachian mountains. Once a booming city for coal and timber industry, the town fell into a state of poverty for several years. Having recently started picking up new businesses, inhabitants and fresh prospects for finding natural resources in the area, the town now hosts a mixture of various different people... and werecreatures, from all walks of life.

Pine Creek is a small town, but never truly quiet! That is why the town needs it's doctors and law enforcement folks to keep the rest of the town in some form of order.




MICHELLE CHEN - 40 - veterinarian - human - Lucy Liu  Claimed!

Michelle moved into Pine Creek some twenty years ago after a veterinarian job she was supposed to pick up for nothing more but for the sake of experience. She was always planning on leaving, too, but some reason or another always appeared to pop up just when she was ready to pack up her gear and move into a proper city.  She was made aware of the shifter presence due to a freak accident and has since become not only the town veterinarian, but also an unofficial doctor to some of the shifters.

She's tough, snarky and can stare down a maddened werewolf without blinking an eye. She cares a lot - otherwise she wouldn't choose to go out of her way to help shifters - but has always considered a case of tough loving the type that works the best. She has been courted by both the cougars and the wolves to join their ranks as an important asset, but so far has decided to remain human.

She has a lot of potential connections to both the wolf pack and the cougar pride, as well as being an important character to the local shifters in general, as well.




VIVIAN CHAMBERS - 39 - doctor - human - Gillian Anderson


Vivian was born in Columbus, Ohio, and she studied there in order to become a doctor. She had always been a smart kid with a mind geared for success and everything seemed to be going just nice with her. She dated a nice guy for two years before tying the knot at the age of 20 and their daughter was born just an year after that.

After finding that she'd been cheated on by her husband, she confronted the second woman and promptly ended her marriage. Becoming a single mother to an 8-year old daughter was not easy, but she trudged through her education and became a doctor through sheer power of will.

She has recently moved into Pine Creek for a change of pace in her life, bringing her now 18-year old daughter with her. She's unaware of shifters as well as the fact that the woman she lost her husband to, is also in town and now a part of the local cougar pride.

As a doctor she is an important character to townspeople and has a precarious connection towards the cougar pride, as well. How and when she will figure out about the darker side of town is still out in the open, or it might just be that her far too curious daughter figures out things before her.



AARON ACKERS - 26 - police officer - human - John Boyega

Aaron was born in Pine Creek, but moved into a larger city with his parents in the middle of attending high school. The weird stories told around the mountains faded away and he grew up in the city, attending the police academy when he was ready to do so.

For some reason, he decided to return to Pine Creek and join the PD there. The town seemed to punish him for this instantly, as one of the calls he responded to lead to his former best friend's home. Finding his old friend besides himself, he was powerless to stop them from unexpectedly taking their own life.

This has haunted Aaron since that day and made him more diligent in doing his job. He is still unaware of the werecreature presence in town, but it's only really a matter of time before the weird things happening in Pine Creek lead him to their tracks. And maybe there is something far more darker lurking in the shadows of the mountains, as well.




LEO GRAVES - 38 - police assistant - human - Sean Astin

Leo is a constant presence at the Pine Creek police station, where he works as an assistant to the detectives, the officers and for chief Barton. He keeps amazing everyone with his tireless kindness, his ability to manage a million things at once while remaining in good spirits to boot. He's the person that will remind the others of birthdays of their spouses and children, or simply remember ridiculous personal details of other people that he will pull out at a convenient time.

Beneath his happy-go-lucky exterior there are darker traumas hiding, however, and while most would know about it, it's easy to forget what kind of demons haunt the man. Leo lost both his wife and his kid to a drunk driver hitting the car they were in. The driver of the other car was found alive, but mumbling incoherent things about voices inside his head, before committing suicide in a mental hospital.

He has many connections in town, both for working at the PD and for being a Pine Creek native.




JACK BARTON - 50 - police chief - wolf - Open

Jack never truly wanted to be the Pine Creek police chief, but with all of his years in the service of the local police force, the task was destined to eventually fall on him. He is a Pine Creek native and has learned not to stress too much over what happens in town. He is aware that weird Twin Peaks -type of crap keeps happening in town and while he's strictly for upholding the local law and keeping things in order, he's learned that playing things by the book does not work in a place such as this.

Personality-wise, he's relaxed up to a point, but strict whenever any of his underlings think that his slightly aloof nature would mean that they can do whatever they want or slip out of trouble unnoticed. He'll rain down hellfire on both criminals as well as any of his officers if they think that they can go against the old wolf.

If he has family in Pine Creek or has remained a bachelor is up to the player to decide. He's also a long-time member of the Pine Creek wolf pack, and has many pack mates in play, as well as other police folks to interact with

Edited by D-S

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The chief of police has been released and restored to his previous FC, big burly no-BS man! 😮


As always, still open for health and police jobs, OCs welcomed as well!

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