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new dog in town

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Hi, I'm Citrine, I'm old-come-new!


Well, not so old-come-new I've been here before, but very old-come-new to play by post RP. I'm terrible at introductions, so I'm just going to copy the conveniently provided template here, thank you so much for having that. Um, I've been RPing for 19 years now; I started with online RP in elementary school because I was a very erudite mature speaker online and completely terrified of actual physical people and was essentially mute, so my mom (a Usenet and MUSH RPer) introduced me to RP as a better way to tell the stories I often told myself and connect to people. I've still got my closest friends from online RP.


My preferred genre is sci-fi, I like to play by forum and email but with an emphasis on quality over quantity (anything with a word count minimum is basically guaranteed to not get me joining unless said word count is < 100), and I also play on InsaneJournal. I live in the US. I also write speculative fiction and work in population health informatics, where I'm working on finishing up my PhD and then hope to return to the world I left behind about ten years ago of actually staffing RP (I have a game idea I need to roll out someday based on an esoteric little sci-fi romance book series whose world I figured out might well make an amazing game setting).


My favorite color is green and my favorite drink is Vernors. :) I have a super cute dog who is rolling all over my computer while I try to write this, and am supposed to be working on my thesis instead of making this post, so you can all tell how responsible I am!

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Hello from one doctor to a future doctor, although mine is a professional doctorate than the traditional one you're working on. *Super impressive, btw.* 

It's funny that you mention your potential setting for a future RP board being the world for a book series. That's exactly how my site took off, and let me tell you, it's the best way to play in the universe you've created. It adds a whole layer that I never knew could be possible, and suddenly, the one or two books that you wanted to write in this world take off and you have limitless ideas! 

I could talk about this for days. lol


Anyway, take a peek around the forums and join a coterie! There are lots of like minded people here, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact myself or one of the other staff (we're good at helping with those :P ). Hope to see you around the forums! <3 <3 <3

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@Morrigan He's a labrador and here is his face. :) 


@Rune It is a Pern dragon, in fact, though I'm not much for playing Pern anymore. Substantial and rather overwhelming burnout, but I was big on Pern MUSH and PBeM. 


And @eleholly, I wish I could go as far as saying it was only my series; I was only a beta reader and editor, a friend of mine did the actual creating and publishing, though I've considered setting things in others I've created from scratch it seems kind of exhausting to do all the write-up. Though now I'm curious about your site and your work!


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I have just come here to say OMG DOGGO FRIN. -SQUISH-


that's all. -runs away into the night-


(but also hello and welcome)


I have a GIGANTOR golden retriever. he is 8 months and already weighs in at 70ish pounds, so about full grown. He's a giant doofball. I lurve me a him.

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