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 Announcement Playby Submissions

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Hey! We really appreciate that you all help us in making our directories awesome! We do, however, have a problem!


Currently we don't have a specific staff member that manages our playby directory, this means that I, Morrigan, specifically manage this directory and it is becoming increasingly more and more difficult to manage as members are not utilizing the Playby Directory Submissions information as well as not fully reviewing all of the options and simply submitting Playbys.


We know it's tedious to look through and select everything, however, it's equally as tedious for us to edit the listings when the submission is incorrect (and we are basing these off of the images you submit). Some things to check:

  • That you have selected every style and selected them appropriately. We give some pretty significant leeway on this as it's a perspective measure.
  • That you are appropriately selecting Special Features! Stubble is still considered facial hair.
  • That you review and adhere to our skin tone structure. We give some leeway here too so if a skin tone can possibly span two depending on lighting, we allow it.
  • Submit supporting images for each thing you choose. While you can submit one image that covers three it must be there to prove those things are there. So if you use rebel & facial hair if you use a picture of the person that is wearing a leather jacket and has stubble or a beard then you have satisfied both with one image.
  • Only submit an image 1 time. Whether it's the primary image or the supporting images, only use the image 1 time. Do not duplicate the same image in either place please.


For now, this means that playbys will be rejected as of right now until my load lightens or we get a Playby Directory staff member if members are not paying attention to the fields available. You can tell how it is done by looking at other Playbys! Thanks!


Thanks for understaing!

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