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For me, I am trying the best even when my writing partner doesn't give me anything to work with and doesn't notice my cues. I try to ask questions,  to give descriptions and more cues which can be commented on or acted on, to give orders when it is appropriate (which should break the conversation by actually doing what was ordered, progressing the main action of the thread, not only the side conversation), etc.


In rare cases I tell my writing partner that I need a bit more (eventually a suggestion what, either they take that suggestion, or they come with something similar) in order to be able to reply. An example was when a noblewoman was supposed to have an encounter with a commoner woman in the market place, and the noblewoman didn't understood that the commoner can't be the one to address to a lady without being asked first.


More times I am brainstorming with my writing partner, so that both of us have the same idea what the thread's purpose is, and how we can achieve it. Sometimes I suggest my writing partner, who obviously is struggling, a few ideas - lately I told one of my writing partners that a general cleaning thread had, besides the general purpose of three people getting better acquainted during working together, describing the newly bought building which was to be turned into a shop at the ground floor and the living quarters at the first floor, and the owner's dreams about how to furnish it, how to make his dream come true.


There are, however, some writing partners to whom nothing suggested can change their style of simply reacting or not even... and not driving the story forward. (Or maybe not even paying attention to what I wrote).

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Move the Thread Along = timeskip? Get us there quicker without so much awkward on-the-way talking about the weather or whatever. I usually see this used in threads where characters are travelling to a specific place and there's that time where they're just walking and talking - but what to talk about before the action?? 


Give Me Something to Work With = When people ask about what to include in their posts, I suggest imagining yourself in that character's shoes, doing the action that that character is doing. What would it entail? Perhaps they're riding a bike in the rain. Perhaps it's on the side of the road. Tell us about your fears. Tell us about the raindrop that just dripped into your eye, blurring your vision and making your eye itchy. Tell us about the wedgie you have from the bike, or how the seat is hurting your ass bone. Focus on minor things or movements that you wouldn't otherwise think of. The things I listed can't really be responded to, but other small things like that can give your RP partners' characters something to notice or think about or comment on.


Just my two cents on the matter ❤️


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