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Site Name: Ark City

Site Link: On Site Ad

Profile/App link to character this is for: Evangelin "Vels" Kruger

How to contact me: PM; on site; Discord on request

Preferred Playby: Seychelle Gabriel

Wanted character information:


OPEN NAME | 25-27 | Endgame Love Interest | open job

Forgiving | Loyal | Modest | Outspoken | Intelligent


I'm looking for someone to play my character Vels' girlfriend-ish-thing. Labels are confusing, especially for Vels. 


Long story short, these two met as kids (around 12-13); they were just friends and on-and-off they were interest in each other, but both are modest about relationships and making advances and so they have been dancing around it for years; neither of them can hold any kind of romantic relationship, and then Vels pops into work one day and plops down to give her her favorite dessert because he was thinking of her at work, and she blurted out "let's go on a date" and here we are.


Because Vels was raised in a religion that demonizes sexual interaction, I think it would be cute if her upbringing also had heavy restrictions on physicality outside of marriage for the cuteness factor of them figuring it out together as their relationship progresses.


I imagine this girl as having a weak power or no power (and probably something cute or silly as opposed to scary or intense in any way. Makes bubbles, kind of level of powers? You know?) She works at the DEA currently, but if you want to change her career path I'm totally down with that.


Otherwise, she's pretty open. This is ENDGAME so make sure that you're okay with Vels' kind of crazy before you leap in head first! I can PM or link details of what he's like -- but really, he's sweet as pie unless someone he cares about is threatened or asks him to do something dangerous.


Other Information: 

- Vels has antisocial/sociopathic-esque tendencies, so be sure that isn't a dealbreaker

- Vels is also a high ranking member of the Cartel, and tortures people for a living

- I'm looking for someone who wants the character and plot; I'm not looking for a "support character" to my "main" or anything like that. I'd love to play against your character's plots and concepts as much as you're playing against mine.

- I have a plot in mind in which she ends up taken hostage and is tortured by some of Vels' competitors... So that's important.

- I would like these two to be a team in a relationship. She will take the reins sometimes, and he'll take them other times. But I'm certainly not looking for a girl who is going to be passive all the time. (Sometimes, he has to be called on his shit.)


Feel free to message me or post here. <3

Edited by Thyme

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