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GC24: Royal flush

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Theme: The Royal Flush
Type of Graphic/s: Playing Card (avatars)
Image Restrictions:

Must be a character played on your site!

Think hard on it, guys, don't just pick at random!

MUST be in playing card-esque style

Each one must be labeled with 10, J, K, Q, or A

Can be done as one big collage, or as individual pieces to fit your avatar sizes, but must include all five cards.


Because of the nature of this challenge I will be allowing for a looser size restriction:


No larger than 250x400

No smaller than 100x100

Can be made to fit any avatar sizes, but you must include all five cards to make the royal flush.

Deadline: 4/4/18
Judging: Popular vote!
Rewards:  7500 reputations and a featured spot on the graphic challenge forum!
Challenge Details:


Make me either a collage of a royal flush or individual royal flush cards

These cards should feature characters on your chosen forum you will be playing for

Try and pick characters that, to you, embody the meaning of the card you're putting their face on

The royal flush cards are: 10, Jack, King, Queen, and Ace


Here is an example of a collage:




Submission: Submit the following in a PM to @GraphicSubmissions with the title of GC##.



Directory link to the site you are supporting:




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