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Madame Superfly

Dystopian Corporate Hellhole IN SPAAAACE

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I've been kicking this idea around for a while and I'm finally ready to do an interest check.


So I read this article about how China is trying to implement a social credit system. Basically, the higher your score, the more "trustworthy" you are, and things your family and friends do would affect your score. 


What I have in mind is a sci-fi RP. The main setting is a planet that an Earth corporation (maybe a joint-species corporation?) has colonized. I've taken a little bit of inspiration from Noveria from Mass Effect, where there is all kinds of illegal, under-the-table scientific research going on and the words of the corporations are law. So there'd be private mercenary armies, lots of corporate backstabbery and smuggling to be done! A character's social credit score would determine who they could work for, what jobs they could do, whether or not they'd be promoted, and even where they live and who they're allowed to marry!


For simplicity's sake all characters would start out with the same, neutral reputation score. This board is going to be self-hosted on MyBB so I'm thinking of utilizing the reputation system--players could give each other reputation, but they'd be limited to giving a certain amount per 24-hour period. I'm still kinda researching and playing around on the backend trying to see how I could make it work.


I do want aliens to be part of the setting. I'll start with two species...probably space elves and people with colorful skin for ease of photoshoppery. Artwork would be allowed for play-bys. I'd like to have a rival alien corporation in play--not sure how I'd do that yet, this is all still very nebulous.


tl;dr i want corporate dystopian hell in space. who's with me?

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So, I really like this idea a lot!  I do worry, though, that with the reputation system it may easily become a popularity contest with vague IC/OOC boundaries. Have you thought of any ways to minimize this? 

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