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Site Name: The Reckless Kind

Site Link: The Reckless Kind

Profile/App link to character this is for: Callie Wilkes

How to contact me: PM, discord upon request, reply here, on site

Preferred Playby: Tom Hardy

Wanted character information:


Alright, so the Wilkes have run the sleuth going as far back as Callie's great-grandfather and it's never really been a problem. Five years ago Callie's father was critically injured in the wendigo attacks and had to be mercy killed by her which made her the new alpha thanks to being his only child. There was no opposition to the change since their clan has never been gender specific; however, almost twenty years ago, Callie found she can't have children of her own and proceeded to adopt a small herd (three boys, two girls) over the last few years, including her oldest son (WANTED CANON) who is set to replace her someday.


This gentleman is not okay with a non-blood Wilkes being at the head of the sleuth and thinks it might be time someone else had a turn, namely himself, though he has to be sneaky about things to avoid getting in trouble for treason.  It's open to the player if there's a more deep motive to his wanting the alpha title along with whatever he does and how he tries to manipulate the sleuth or displace Callie. I do want his family to be long term members of the sleuth (possibly lifers) and possibly some animosity toward Callie based in jealousy or rivalry or whatever else you can come up with. I am open to chatting about things and working out details!


Other Information:

I am open to his face changing, but I'd really like it to be someone with some size to them.

Also, this is NOT going to wind up in a romance because a) he despises her and b) she's into women.

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