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How an Entire Forum was turned Against me...

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When harry potter was first seriously popular and many people were making RP forums based on it, i had joined in and created one. I ran it with my friend over in England. We gained members and everything was great!


She had roleplayed remus for me and our characters were supposed to hit it off and become a couple. I was talking to her via IM the night before and we were planning out our characters relationship. she had PROMISED me that she would never have her char cheat on mine and we set out more additional plans that would make the RP fun and exciting but nothing touching cheating/drama.


I went to bed and get on the next morning and was looking through the chatbox...i had found out she had secretly planned her chars relationship out with some other members female character behind my back. I was so angry and hurt that i confronted her. she claims she never said that her char wouldn't cheat on mine, completely forgetting our IM's the night before. I was extremely hurt and ticked off. I had someone create another char for mine, but it wasn't the same. i had to get on and see the two of them talking about their chars plots in the cbox and it only added salt on the wound.


i had had enough one day and decided to leave. I posted that i was leaving. I deleted my account and that was that. I heard later on that my so called ex friend had told people on the forum that i had gotten 'pissy' and decided to leave. never mind explaining WHY i had left.


now i wasn't upset over the RP itself...i was more ticked off of the fact that she had LIED and broken a promise. i had even kept the IM messages she and i had discussed the night before as proof of what she said verbally. she wasn't a friend at all. i had told her off over IM and then blocked her. i never spoke to her again and then going forward i had decided to create my OWN rp and be my own admin.


Its still years later ,2018 and i have not spoken to her or even bothered looking her up on social media. that was probably the most hurtful thing i have ever experienced in roleplaying...and i had someone who i thought had been my friend.

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