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On 3.4.2018 at 3:30 AM, Uaithne said:

From personal experience, however, once I lose faith in the staff - whether it be one person or all of them - I'm no longer comfortable on the site since I'm always tip-toeing around to avoid issues.  


 That's what it's like for me, too.


I liked the site and the plot and honestly just wanted to do the site some good by creating such a canon, and it still amazes me that this has led to such a result.


when told no, they immediately lose interest in the entire site.“ It wasn't like that. You judge me while not knowing the full details.

If they had told me that I need to prove myself first and show some activity, fair enough, I could understand that, and I would have been willing to do that (even if some people here seem to think that I wasn't). But when I asked if this is the reason why I should wait – the reply was „no“.

And that leader wasn't „THE head/leader of the entire site/setting, and has a lot of IC power above all the others“.  


I also lost faith in those admins because communicating with them was a continuous strain, no matter about what. They kept ignoring things I said and didn't answer simple questions that required just a simple answer.

When I was told to wait and was worried that the faceclaim might be taken in the meantime. So I asked for how long a faceclaim can be reserved at most. In the faceclaim reservations it was only stated that a faceclaim can be reserved for a few days, and after that the reservation can be renewed by posting again in that thread. But can it be renewed just once? At first no reply. When I asked again I just got to hear I shouldn't worry and that I should simply renew the reservation. But how often can it be renewed? No reply to that, so I gave up asking. And when I asked (as I was supposed to wait) was there really no way to reserve this canon position -I never got an answer to that question.

It was like that with other things as well, I had to ask twice, and sometimes still didn't get an answer to that question. Or I got a reply that didn't really answer the question properly. That's why I found it so tiring to communicate with Admin A. But with Admin B it was just the same, unfortunately.

I asked something and mostly got a reply that included information that was not helpful in respects what I wanted to know. So again it was like trying to squeeze water from a stone. 


Well yes, in theory member X might have told me lies, but when I confronted the admins with it they didn't deny anything, but also didn't confirm it. Admin A didn't reply, and Admin B just stated that it is so exhausting that I keep going on and on about a matter that was already finished and dealth with. They thought everything was fine now and that we are on good terms, and then I still keep asking for explanations. So once again I didn't get a direct answer to a direct question.

It seems they were fed up with me questioning their behaviour. I finally gave up trying to communicate with the admins and have left the site, after saying good-bye to some members.


In any case, thanks to everybody for your input.


And it's probably not such a bad thing if I trust my gut feeling. At least in this case my bad gut feeling about all this (ever since I was told to wait) proved to be right.

Anonymous poster hash: 1f853...417

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I'm sure this is not what you want to hear, but... no, I don't think you were maliciously treated unfairly.   Like you said, you have only just joined the site. You have only one post with y

This isn't unfair treatment.    Looking at this from an admin perspective,  people come in and ask for special treatment/exemptions all the time. New people especially do this. (Often times

Coming from a slightly different, but also not, perspective, I'm likely going to echo everything said here, but. I run a rank-heavy military-centric board, and have for the last 12 years. The sheer nu



I don't know you from Adam, I frankly don't care, but when you put something up like this without the entire story behind it and only give bits and pieces at a time, you're going to get judged. You only gave your perception of the situation in which you sounded like you were whining about being told no about something and lost interest in the entire site. Whether it's true or not is irrelevant, its how it read when you posted it. End of story. From all of the information you've finally managed to give, sounds like its not exactly a place anyone would want to be. Best for you to just quietly take your leave and be done with it. 

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On 4/7/2018 at 8:59 PM, Anonymous said:

I have contacted member X by now, and that gave me more insight.

I told them about my perspective of things and asked to tell me about their perspective. Member X was sorry about what had happened to me and confirmed that they had asked the admins (about taking this canon position) three days later than I had. At that time the member got to know that I was also interested in this position.

But at that time the member was still uncertain wether to create this character as that canon leader or as an OC member of another canon family. But the admins told the member that I prefer creating my character as the leader of a non-canon group, so member X apped the leader of the canon group.

So it turned out that the admins had lied to member X and had kept it secret from me that member X wouldn't have minded to create his character as an OC member of another canon group.

Welp, that's the hand in the cookie jar right there. Even though your gut ended up being right about the duckery (I'm totally using Duck from now on this is the best switchout of a cuss ever @Zahhy), I'm glad you decided to contact member X and "get all the facts" in the situation before causing a huge blowout in the Cbox of the site or something. Now that you know the whole story, Run. Run far away, and maybe there's a similar genre board out there with a similar plot you can jump in on - or start. 

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Ok just inputting my two cents...Everyone pretty much hit the nail on the board so no matter what I say it will probably something you have already read. However I will speak in admin point of view and then as a member point of view(Been there done this and I have the tshirt)

1. As admin on my boards canons are always up for grabs with this said it is first come first serve (I don't like being pmed about it if you have interest post it under the canon) I just think its fair so that everyone is happy and sees time and date stamped.

2. If more members are interested myself and my other admin sit and discuss the possibilities of who is the better fit to take the canon (We do this lightly because if you are new I can't judge you since I don't know you) so this is why I rather do first come first serve.

3. My experience with this is that right now we had a situation like this as soon as we opened the site 1 member that is not new to the admins expressed wanting a very important and in my opinion hard to play canon as her second character (Mind you this person already has a canon as a first character) I approached the person and expressed the difficulties of having this canon and that I knew it would be difficult for them to handle (No problem it was all good she made a different second character) now a month into the site I find myself at a very hard situation because this member has been MIA for the entire month made the first A/C by cheer luck and then disappeared again. Now the one canon this person has is idle non existent has only been played twice. Because I knew how this person works I felt we made the right decision of not allowing them to take the second canon. So yes sometimes we admin make decisions based on what we know and feel is right for the board that doesn't mean we are right or wrong.


Now as a member perspective

1, I have been there in a way...I expressed on one board I use to play for a canon I thought I could play this canon well and was given the opportunity to do so. How ever I was not told I couldn't do certain things with my canon so I was stripped from it no reason why until after someone else took said canon. I was told that I did something with the canon that Admin A thought was not something they wanted said canon to do. Did I feel I was treated badly and unfair? (Hell yeah!) But I sucked it up and did my own characters...One of my characters was playing with another canon it was a love interest it just happened and it was a good plot.

2. That too was shut down the person got the canon taken away and I was told to change my plot because that was not allowed for that canon (Again not allowed) so I expressed my concern that maybe they should give some warning to the people taking these canons for that I was banned...(Unfair yes) I was not allowed to question the admins that was the email I got....


So with this said there is a lot of different people out there on sites and lots and I mean lots of personalities. Unfairness is on the eye of the beholder IMO.....


*I think myself fair but what might be fair to me might not be fair to many* In fact inside Joke (I am called the mean straight forward admin) Yet I don't see myself that way) Again in the eyes of the beholder.


Hope this helps if not I tried* But good luck hun trust me there is lots of sites out there never allow your creativity get squashed by situations like this.

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Places I Rp where you can find me


Beyond Redemption



Shadows Within




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2 hours ago, jenneral_jennson said:

You only gave your perception of the situation


That's really all that matters given the topic, isn't it? OP was asking whether or not their feelings were justified based on their perception, so obviously that's what we all got. 

I'll go so far as to be a bit petty here and point out that myself and @Morrigan both realized that their perception of events was justified. There was obvious fuckery going on in this case. 



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