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Rune's Awful Advert Reviews

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15 hours ago, SithLordOfSnark said:

Curiosity killed the cat, but it can't touch me.




Get yourself an icon! TREAT YO SELF


You get: TRAIN OF THOUGHT!  WOOO WOOOO! All aboard Rune's Brain Cage!


Holy shit that is a LONG description. Do I have to read it?
I have no idea who these people are. Canon characters probably. Man, this is probably important to the plot. I should mention that I've never seen any of these shows...
It says "the girls" a lot... 
I'm assuming the wild animals are the werewolves? And the recovery is... Vampires? This would probably be easier to follow if I had any idea who these people were. I'm a terrible choice to judge this ad.


When did you re open? Maybe add a date to that. And some more recent happenings. Or plans. UPCOMING SHENANIGANS!

14 hours ago, Mousie said:

Aiight, I'll bite! Savage me, Rune.



18 + | post-Potter | non-canon | set in australia

There's nowhere quite like Australia. And there's nowhere quite like Tallygarunga, Australia's backwater wizarding school----the only one unfortunate enough to be wholly government owned. 

The Victorian Ministry of Magic has a bone to pick with the people of Tallygarunga. Things are about to get shook up, and whether you're a resident, student, staff, or Ministry... there's no way this is going to end well.

Which side are you on? Tally? The Ministry? It's time to get off the fence. 
Welcome to



You get: CRITIQUEY Gonna get JUDGEY!


Hell yeah kangaroos. Great job making it super Aussie. Oooh, rotating ones with super Australian animals would be ridiculously cool and probably more complicated than I know how to do. 


Oh god capitalize Australian and Harry Potter. Do it for my sanity. Also maybe just straight up add 18+ in the image.

Eliminate "set in Australia" - It says that. A lot. Maybe put the province/region/district/state/county/whatever Australians have instead?


So, like.


Post-Potter | Non-Canon | Set in Township, Australia. (Seriously, how DOES Australia work?)


Why do they have bones to pick? What has them so ornery? 


Good job on links! (Hopefully your image links as well. I think it does.)

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