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Lucky Cat

5 Things you LOVE about RP

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1) Getting to play in a universe I love and build on what the original author/created invented.

2) Similarly, getting to play with characters from my favourite fandoms or even playing as them.

3) Meeting people from all over the world who all share the same interests... How many hobbies actually get you talking to several people at once who all live in different parts of the world?

4) Writing and getting the immediate gratification of replies or excitement from other members, you just don't get that through other forms of writing.

5) Learning new skills like photoshop and css. I never needed these before I got into RP but I use them outside too. One of my first jobs was as an ICT admin which I got because I understood some very limited HTML and I've used photoshop in my current jobs too. RP = training for real life. 😛

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1. As others have said already. The community. 

2. A lot of the friendships I made during my earlier rpg and AeRo have lasted beyond my school friends. Many of them I doubt I would have been able to get through some of the troubling events in my life.

3. The stories and the characters. It is amazing reading what people have created and created with you. 

4. Expanding skills. E.g. Website related, etc. 

5. That excitement you get when someone tags you. 

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5 things I love about RP....all right:


  1.  As many others have already stated, Community. That feel of connecting with like minded people from all over the world, with their different lives all coming together to enjoy this one hobby. (or particular RP/game/sim).
  2. Creating characters in worlds and fandoms. Like watching something and thinking omg that would make an awesome game/rp. (I did that in the theater when I first saw the Pacific Rim trailer, the first movie...which sadly failed due to idiots...but I digress)
  3. Plotting. I love chatting with fellow roleplayers about potential plots and what we can do to our characters. (I'm not the best so having others to bounce ideas off of is like wonderful)
  4. Writing! RP is relaxing for me, like a stress relief so watching how my writing has improved over the past, uh...I forgot how many years has been rewarding.
  5. The thrill of reading a great post and knowing you get to reply to it because you are in that thread. Knowing that posts can make you laugh, smile, or even cry.

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1.) Making new friends ❤️

2.) Discovering new ideas and things you're capable of!

3.) Trying new concepts you can't get enough of!

4.) Getting a huge sense of fulfillment!

5.) Being creative and just having a good time ❤️

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1) Taking a wanted and the person who posted it saying that they love how I play the character and that I've got a strong grasp on their dynamic with the character they're requested for. 


2) Making friends. Especially ones that send me pictures of their pets, which is just ❤️❤️❤️ 


3) A thread or series of threads that starts out as "let's see how these characters get along" and turns into a really awesome dynamic. 


4) Seeing a face claim and immediately knowing that they're perfect for a character you have in mind. 


5) Getting comfortable with a new type of character I've never played before. 

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