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Requested Genre or Fandom:  Something with humans that's not real life

Max Word Count: no word count, please


What I want:

 - Community atmosphere

 - Something where I can play a human character

 - Flexibility to create younger characters or older characters

 - Relatively relaxed activity requirements

 - Opportunity for action and adventure

 - Post apocalyptic is great (zombies okay)

 - Fandoms Okay: Harry Potter that allows creativity and adventure, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, the Hunger Games

What I do not want:

 - Animal RPs

 - Gang or crime RPs

 - BDSM RPs or sites based around adult content

 - Werewolves vs. Vampires vs. Witches vs. etc.

 - 3,000 races to choose from

 - Demons and angels

 - Something that's not human-centered

 - Anime/manga face claims

 - Mandatory post templates

 - Fandoms: Marvel/DC, Pokemon, Maurader's era Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Riverdale, anything anime or manga, etc.  There are lots of fandoms I don't like but I'd forget some even if I tried to write them all down.  You can try as long as no knowledge of the canon universe is needed to participate.


Other information: I may even be convinced to take up a wanted ad, I don't know.  Really, I don't know anything.  It's been awhile that I've been "just a member" on a site, and slogging through directories isn't helping me narrow down the search.

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Hi there! Between the Lines might be the place you're looking for. "Normies" (humans) seem to be the fastest growing character group, though I wouldn't say we're exactly a human-centric board. You are more than welcome to play a human (any pretty much anything else you'd like). The fandoms on your yes and no list are all allowed, but canon knowledge of any of them is completely unnecessary to play.


We're a PG13 panfandom set on a fantasy world with no word count, a quick and easy, flexible app process, and optional site-wide plots. This a place where you're allowed to play the character you want how you want to play them. Read as much or as little board lore as you like, create a character, and just plug and play. If that sounds good to you, we welcome you to come take a look at our little community. If it turns out we're not what you're looking for, then we wish you luck on your search!



Thousands of years ago, with creatures being wiped out at an alarming rate, the mystical people of Earth came together and created a place where they could be safe from human persecution. For the first time in history, the races pooled their magic to create a magical utopia: an entire planet of various ecosystems where all magical creatures from werewolves to unicorns could be safe from humanity. They named their new world, Haven.


Time passed, people grew, and alliances changed. Eventually, the species grew bitter and selfish and as they split apart, the cohesion of their world shattered. The paths that had once allowed the magical beings to get to Haven reopened and started sucking people in. At first, it was someone here, a building there, but as the hole widened, entire races, whole cities, and many of the people within them were ripped from their timelines, realities, and universes and dropped into Haven. With new people of all races arriving daily, tensions are at an all-time high.


Who's side will you be on?



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Plugging my site here for you! I'm not sure it's what you're looking for exactly, but it might be worth a look through! Only A Memory Away is technically sailor moon based, but it's barely related to the source material at all so you wouldn't recognize it. It also deals with some D&D-style mechanics if you're into that. But you don't need to know anything about canon (honestly, it's better if you don't) or mechanics to get into it.


OAMA centers around the city of San Francisco and some weird ass supernatural shit going down. Every character starts out as a human, and if they're lucky (or not, depending on how you look at it), they garner certain status and power through gameplay. Some will "awaken" as powerful reincarnations from a galactic civilization long dead. Others will grow into exceptional humans battling for the side of good or evil. Basically, there's a war starting again that began millennia ago. Some people are destined to be involved. Others choose it. Which one are you?


There's lots of opportunity for action and adventure - our events center around weird shit going down in everyday life and monster-of-the-week style baddies. We don't have zombies, but we do have evil sleepwalking pawns? We have a great range of characters and ages (though they all have to be 18+). We've got an active community that have a variety of posting schedules, and we plot with everyone. We also don't have post templates! We hate post templates. We're not strictly your traditional forum rpg, so if you're looking for something different and fun, come take a look! Or if we're not your thing, we might have some affiliates you'd be interested in~



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I'm mobile so sorry in advance for the mess! 


Ark would love to have you. We have all your wants at least to some extent. We do have posting templates, but they are set in the board and easy to read, so it's not like a hot mess of dohtml if that's what you're imagining. 


We have humans (typics) and powered people (evolutes), a lot of intrigue and room to grow, change, and push the plot either in the whole site or just for your characters. We're pretty small (10ish members), friendly, and happy to have new faces!


The link is in my signature so take a look if it sparks your interest and let me know if you have questions! : )

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18+ Supernatural Modern Fantasy


Present Day San Francisco, USA


Rules | Classifieds | Welcome | Advertise




Things were peaceful until the church, Our Light of Hope, arrived.


The majority of humanity remains in the dark, but the Church has begun exposing the things that go bump in the night.


As the 'monsters' were forced into revealing themselves, hunters sprang up to deal with the preternatural problem as it arose.




Young vampires are dying by unknown cause. Werewolves and fae have gone missing.


The supernatural, suddenly exposed and vulnerable, are struggling to decide the path that lies before them.


It is easy to cast the blame at one another and infighting is abundant.




The world is changing. What will be your Resolution?



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Hey Uaithne, I've got a post apocalyptic site that might be right up your alley. Filthy Empire is an original site set in the United States twenty years after a massive disaster. There are no zombies, but plenty of other perils for the survivors including mutants, harsh climate, and some delicate power struggles between factions convinced they have the best path to lead humanity back into the light of the golden ages.  


We have a friendly but smaller community with very relaxed activity requirements in the form of an activity check every couple of months. There is no word count and our application is freeform. Current characters are a variety of ages, from 18 to mid 50s, and there's always room for more variety. Plenty of potential for action and adventure and we would love to have you stop by and look around, ask any questions you might have in the cbox or just say hello! 



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You'd always be welcome at Tally, m'dear!


You know the details better than I do probably, so I won't bore you with all that --- but I am looking to bring in a proper story line and probably something a little towards the dark. So I'd love to hear any ideas you've got, plots that you've wanted to run in a HP universe. You know I'm a relatively chill admin, and we'd love to have you at Tally. ❤️

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