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Eternal Saga Needs Mods and Game Mechanic Experts

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Staff SearchHomepage - Handbook - Discord Server

Eternal Saga is an original medieval inspired supernatural/fantasy roleplay set in the fictional world of Vaer. The site is hosted by ProBoards and is currently under development. It is an an intermediate to advanced level game without a word count and features nine different playable races with a small selection of subraces available as well as a few different settings or locations, each as different as the last. The world of Vaer is riddled with interesting characters, factions and more. Another interesting element that this world contains is that all of the magical or mythical elements face the daunting task of keeping their true selves hidden from the world to avoid hunting parties and executions ordered by the kingdoms.

Opening date: TBD
Contact info: Answer this thread, PM me here, or add me on Discord (RinAma#4651)

Positions to Fill: Moderator, Game Mechanics Expert, possible Coder.

Job Descriptions:


We're looking for two or more mods to add to our team of staff members. The ideal candidates for this role are those who enjoy supernatural/fantasy roleplay as well as some historically inspired elements. Our mods must be driven and hard working, but they must also enjoy what they do. We need active staff, so if you can't be active at least every other day, this role won't be for you. If you feel like you can tackle the job, Eternal Saga and the rest of our staff team would love to have you on board.


  • Prior staffing experience is a plus, but not required.
  • Will be in charge of character approvals, ban appeals, and a few other smaller tasks.
  • Must know how to edit, lock, delete, or pin threads. 
  • Will answer member questions and consult admins when uncertain of correct answers.
  • Will assist in development of site content as well as the execution of including such content.
  • Assisting in general site maintenance.
  • Assisting in advertising, link-backs, and other ads.
  • Welcoming and helping new members.

Any other small tasks that staff need help with.


Game Mechanics Expert

Eternal Saga is in need of someone who has created and managed a working game system for a forum before. We need assistance in creating and executing a good skill system. If you can help us out with this, we would be ever grateful to you and your services. 



We're looking for a coder to add to our staff team in the near or far future. If you are experienced in creating skins for ProBoards and know your way around CSS, DOHTML, and HTML, then this job may be for you. While this spot is open, we must remind anyone interested that this likely will not be a paid position. If you're looking to be commissioned etc. for this job, we'rs sorry to say that this probably isn't what you're looking for.


  • Will be in charge of coding necessities, bug fixes, skinning etc.
  • Must have prior experience.
  • Will work closely with the site owner and admins to create the desired results. 


While Eternal Saga isn't open and doesn't have a set opening date as of yet, we have many aspects of the site and its content created and sorted out. Some things still need to be created, edited and sorted, but it is up to the staff to do these things. The lore and other things are not completely set in stone, and can change over time, but it cannot change without a beginning. That's where our staff team is important. If you feel like you have something you could contribute, please feel free to contact me via any of the previously listed methods. Our other staff that are already on board are very welcoming and deeply involved in creating and finishing the site. Our hope is that with a few extra members on the team, we can finish and successfully open Eternal Saga to the general public. 

Edited by Kaisa

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