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Hi, folks! Name's Billie... or BJ. Whichever you prefer.


This handle has been my handle for forever, so go ahead and ask. I'm just forever too attached to retire it and make a new one, lol.


Anyways, hi. I've been roleplaying for years now, since I was about seven or eight years old, on old jankey forums which I no longer remember the names of. It was back in the time of AOL being the main form of interwebs, and back when IMs weren't really a means of communication with partners. I like to RP anything that keeps my interest, right now it's more mature and real life sort of things, but for several years it was Harry Potter (oh, I miss all my babes from those eras), but lately I've found most HP websites either super boring or super cliquey, so I've been avoiding them.


I'm from America, east coast, but I studied in the mid-west for college, with two study abroads (one to England to study at Oxford, and the other to Japan), and now I'm living my dreams in a sleepy little town in the mountains of Japan's most northern isle. 


Also, ask me about my dog. I have a Shiba Inu named Mamoru and he's the snarkiest. But I love him. I also have three other dogs, hah.

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Konnichiwa Billie-san! ❤️


I am greeting you from a corner of Eastern Europe. Welcome aboard! I love Japanese culture and I married a man who does too - he has a black belt in goju-ryu and aiki-do.


I like historical fiction of all kind.

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