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Savage Dragon

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I'm looking for a superhero/comic site where I can play Savage Dragon, who is an Image Comics character.


If you allow it, I am willing to adapt him to a movieverse.


Bio wise, Dragon is insanely easy to adapt to any of the established universes. A brief summary:


He was found in the middle of a burning field by a lieutenant with the Chicago PD. He's an amnesiac and has no idea who or what he is or how he came to be in the field. He was given the name Dragon due to his green skin and the large fin on his head. He eventually joined the Chicago PD and battled the "superfreaks" that the ordinary cops were unable to handle. From time to time he gets "loaned out" to other PDs that need a super, and later in the comics he leaves the force and joins assorted super teams. So I'm flexible on where he ends up.


His powers include: super strength (34 tons), ability to leap hundreds of feet, super durability (more or less bulletproof skin vs. small arms fire, but a superhuman could pierce his skin with a blade), immunity to fire, and a healing factor.


His origin was never revealed until 12 years after his book started, so if it's all right I'd like to keep that all a mystery. But for the purposes of sorting him into membergroups, etc. he is technically an alien.


I would prefer a 3/3/3 site with no word count and relaxed activity rules. Comic art preferred, but I can photoshop Dwayne Johnson if I have to.

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