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An Imperial Academy

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Okay, so this is not a "Is this idea good?" topic but rather one focused on brainstorming since I'm definitely going to do it but would be interested in some more ideas and stuff.

First off, our first hub that we are using - places that are more sandbox-like and allow for different stories and stuff - focuses on the Etingnean Empire which is an Empire that is still trying to expand. One part of it focuses on political stuff, like what's happening inside the Imperial Palace, the Senate etc. and another big part of it is the Imperial Academy in the same city. Of course, it's also possible to just have regular people and citizens or anything else.


Anyway, the Imperial Academy is like an university and only takes people that are 18 or older. The principal is also part of the Senate, so you could say that the academy is property of the state and thus gets governmental support. It has its own district that is like a little academy town with academy buildings, dorms, shops and so on and there are hundreds of students. I've been thinking which fields of studies it should have and already have a few.

- Combat (hand-to-combat so they have instructors instead of professors)

- Warfare (no hand-to-combat but rather strategies, military tactics, raising morale and so on. For people that want to be tacticians and not fighters)

- Law (people who graduate here can become a denouncer (prosecutor), vindicator (defense lawyer) or judge of the imperial tribunal which is a lot more influential than a regular courthouse)

- Politics

Now, I wonder if something like diplomacy should be sorted into politics or get its own field of study. Plus, I'm sure there might be more fields of studies one could add, so do you might have an idea? However, they have to be beneficial for the Empire in some way, meaning that something like linguistics or history is not applicable.


There are also mock battles in which two fake armies fight each other, mostly consisting of combat students but also warfare ones that command them so it's more than just a mindless brawl and strategies are involved. Law students, on the other hand, could have mock trials or even real academy ones when there is a problem between students that doesn't require academy personnel. Not sure if politics students could have something of their own as well.


Another subject I'm having trouble with is student groups. Like, similar to how Hogwarts houses can be considered different groups. A student belongs to one and is part of it. However, I don't want to do houses but rather something I'd call circles. The dorms are also mix-membered, meaning that circles don't have their own dorms and stuff. Law students are never part of a circle so that they can stay neutral in mock trials and act as mediators when two circles are in a fight. Anyway, some points I'm not 100% sure about are:

- Should a student do a screening test and then be put into a circle at the beginning of their student life or should they start out without one and then join one later?

- I don't really want circle points or something like that but there could still be something that leads to some competition

- The pattern in mind when a circle is created. Like, should they focus on a certain value? Should they represent a certain viewpoint within the Empire (like a circle that is all about conquest)? Should they just be different in name and have nothing else attached to them? Stuff like that.

- Should there be a neutral circle with people that don't care about circles and are mostly there to be recruited in mock battles? (otherwise they would almost always have the same mockup of fighters)

- Should all fields of studies be put into one circle? Like, you have it that combatants, warfare students and politics students are all represented in each circle.


Lastly, I wondered if the academy should only be open for Etingnean citizens (and Krondaxians because they are allies) or if it should also allow foreign students (but not ones from enemy countries).

Plus: What else do you think would be good for an "Imperial" Academy?

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