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This may be out of the norm, but I'd like to give a shoutout to this site.


I would never consider myself a true fan of the Harry Potter series. I've enjoyed it and I love hearing other people talk about things related to the series because of how passionate they are when it comes up. For as long as I can remember JACFC being around, I've always kind of admired them from afar. My experience with the staff has been from resource sites alone, but they've never said or behaved in a way that has given me negative vibes. Often, I've wanted to pop in their chat as a guest just to give them warm wishes and always backed out thinking it would be too weird. Even now, this probably seems weird to give a shoutout to a site that I'm not a member of and have no personal connection to the staff. 


Anyway, thanks for being awesome JACFC and hope you have many more years of prosperity! 

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A supernatural fantasy about spirit animals set in Somerset, Pennsylvania








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