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Dan Stevens as adopted son

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Site Name: The Reckless Kind

Site Link: HERE

Profile/App link to character this is for:  Vitaly Pacala

How to contact me: PM, Chat, Discord, Skype ( we can exchange info via PM if you like)

Preferred Playby: Dan Stevens; open

Wanted character information:




----- Pacala | Werefox | 40-50 years old | Apprentice & Son

Discovered shivering and alone inside a tent as a preteen, he was adopted by  Vitaly Pacala years after the older fox lost his own children. Their time and bond helped fill a void for each other. They are extremely close and outside of blood relative, he is the only person Vitaly truly trusts. 

Since Vitaly has taken an oath never to marry for love or produce offspring again, his adopted son will inherit everything. The boy was raised and groomed as an apprentice and future second-in-command of the clan. He handles a lot of the work outside the carnival, ensuring the business is never threatened and the cons remain convincing. He is both business suave and mystical traveler, utilizing his skills to change from one character to another depending on the situation.  Name, age, major parts of the history, sexuality, etc., are all open to the player. 




Other Information:  Personality should reflect some of the characters in the Spirit Animals summaries on site. I'm looking for a close father-son relationship and to see Vitaly's gentler side when it comes to family. Someone he can trust to handle things without holding his hand the whole time or doesn't make outrageous mistakes that could jeopardize the foxes. 


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