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Younger half-brother for Jason Momoa

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Site Name: The Reckless Kind

Site Link: HERE

Profile/App link to character this is for: Thierry "Tank" Pierron

How to contact me: PM, Chat, Discord, Skype ( we can exchange info via PM if you like)

Preferred Playby: Clive Standen

Wanted character information:



Born in Nova Scotia, he is the half-brother of Thierry Pierron. Their father was a married man with a family already when he began an affair with Lily Pierron. She ended up pregnant and the father paid her to get rid of it and herself. Instead, Lily was able to finance enough money from him and hightailed it out of Nova Scotia still pregnant. She moved down to Louisana and was supposed to give birth to twins, but lost one child. <p> 

This character can either be a few years older than Tank or a couple of years younger. Nevertheless, it's likely his father had multiple affairs after Lily left. Somewhere down the road, his wife could have questioned where a lot of their money went and eventually left him. 


As of recently, for whatever reason, this character starts digging into his father's past and learns about this particular affair. That he has other siblings around and wants to go find them. Locates a brother who moved away from home almost a decade ago and settled in Somerset, Pennsylvania 7 years ago (weird, right? of all places).


He doesn't have to directly seek out his brother. If he wants to get used to the place a little bit and get to know about Tank before introducing himself, that's fine. Though, eventually, I'd like him to get up the courage and meet the guy. He can hate the guy or for some reason want to figure out a sibling relationship between the two. Whatever works. 


The ad is pretty much left wide open for the player. Name, age, career, sexuality, etc. It doesn't matter to me. I'd like to see Clive Standen as the face, but if you can find someone as tall as Jason Momoa go for it. I kind of have this mental image that their father was this huge guy and that's one of the things they have in common. 


Bonus points if he sticks around long enough and ends up a bear like Tank. 



Other Information:


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