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when all you feel is jaded

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 Site Name: The Reckless Kind

Site Link: HERE

Profile/App link to character this is for: Thierry "Tank" Pierron

How to contact me: PM, Chat, Discord, Skype ( we can exchange info via PM if you like)

Preferred Playby:Zoe Saldana, Dichen Lachman, and Elodie Yung

Wanted character information:








Perez is a refugee from another sleuth who was sent to the Wilkes sleuth as a child. Her father, a former leader of his clan feared a traitor in their midst and sent Perez away wth some others. Years later, she learned that the royals of her old clan were assassinated. Angered by this, she spent her life training and training others to fight. She is adamant about true loyalty and is almost suspicious or aggressive towards those who cast doubt within their clans.


The test of faith in the spirits and the clan leaders came when she chose to take the bite and was claimed by the Great Bird spirit instead of the Great Bear spirit. Being raised and trained among bears her whole life and suddenly having to shift her focus to the methodology of the birds has unbalanced her. Perez also knows that now she can never go back to her old sleuth and take back what is rightfully hers.


With permission, her allegiance changed to the Avery clan after her change. She is still very close to the Wilkes clan and highly respects them. Perez is a warrior. She has an inner strength about her, determination to overcome, and the fire to do what is necessary to protect her home from danger. She is also humbled by her life experiences and growing up among the sleuth. Isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, but can also pull off a nice look when the time calls.




Thierry "Tank" Pierron is the newest beta of the Wilkes clan. He has only been in Somerset for 7 years and a bear about the same time. He is loud, rambunctious, active, and flexible. He is, by no means, someone who should have been put in charge of anything. Yet, Callie saw something in him and he's spent this time trying to prove himself worthy while adding a little twist to things to spice them up. He is part of the Royal Guard like Perez and helps train new recruits.


A big people person who knows no enemy.


Lives in a trailer. Throws big parties. Makes pot brownies and peyote tea for people who need to take the edge off. He hails from Louisiana and sometimes it's hard to understand what he says through the accent and slips of French phrases. Works construction or repairs people's homes/businesses. Drives a large ass monster truck.


By no means should they really be attracted to each other.


Perez probably low key resents and hates the guy for not only being a bear but becoming a beta. They have different lifestyles, different methods of training, etc.

What the do have in common is their fierce loyalty and love for Somerset and the Wilkes family. They have a place they feel safe and at home in Somerset. They believe this is where they belong and will fight for it.



Perez is not someone who wants to fall in love. When she's not struggling with her identity of being born bear but turning bird, she is still plotting and planning revenge for those who hunted down her family and killed them. She's still angry with what the spirits gave her and doesn't understand why. She believes by falling for someone, it will make her second guess the decision to go back and wipe out the traitors in her old clan.

So this development for her won't be about just finding love. It's about her journey to figure out who she is, what her path is, and along the way she finds someone willing to take that road with her. This is going to be about Perez and Thierry working it out and doing things as partners.



  • The three ladies you see above are Zoe Saldana, Dichen Lachman, and Elodie Yung. I would prefer Zoe, but either of these three faces works for me. 
  • I don't want a damsel or someone who is going to expect Thierry to carry her away from her problems like some knight. He'll be there to help her along the way, but Perez doesn't need saving
  • Career and education are open, though I'd look at the Bears and Birds we have already and see what kind of job she'd fit into best. Will need one that will allow her to train vigorously since I imagine she's always at the gym. 
  • Please speak with me via PM, Skype, or Discord before registering or putting up an application. I would really like to get a feel for the player and any ideas you have about Perez or the romance. 


Other Information:


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