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Supernatural space western

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Icarus II. Either you're born here, or you've got something to leave behind. Or you have big dreams - that too seems to be a popular thing. 

A hundred years ago the planet was just a mining colony. A place for convicts and a few other desperate. Then the terraformers came, then the others followed. Now we have a capital, lands, more space to breath than you could dream back home. Earth is packed, and a lot of people can do with a fresh start.

We have monsters, lots of them. Yeah, it used to be a slur, but now it's just their name. Some drink blood, some turn into stuff, some do both. All used to be people like you and I until something changed. Nothing against them, if you ask me, everyone's got their issues and I'm nobody to judge. I see why they come here, it's not like they had much to lose on Earth, you see?

Not that we lack crazy preachers here, tho. Claiming that this and that is sinful, that monsters got deals with the devil, would you believe some people still buy into that crap? Well, people are weird, and people on Icarus II are weirder. Too many believing they can build their perfect world, forgetting one way or the other we've all been screwed.

So that's the pitch. Basically I'm resuscitating my old concept for a supernatural board, but moving it into space, on a new planet full of hopes and challenges. 

Supernaturals ("monsters") are going to be:
- out in the open
- a fairly recent phenomenon (there are legends about ancient ones, though)
- displaying a variety of traits that resemble to lycantropy or vampirism, but they vary on an individual basis
- no more inherently evil than humans, but still regarded suspiciously
- former humans who were changed by mere chance. Really, some people seem to drop dead and come back changed. Nobody knows how it works, and they cannot "turn" others.

As for the board's other features, I'd be using MyBB since that's what I can code. No word count, 3/3/3, no activity check, account per character are options I like. I'm considering going for a plotter app - I.e. briefly describe who and what you are and what interactions you're looking for. Like a shipper app but not focused on romance. 

As for faces, you can use whatever avatar you like, but there won't be "claims".

Before working anything more on the topic I'd like to check if someone would be actually interested. So let me know!

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