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Vampire: Unmasqued.

We used to dwell in secrecy, in shadows both literal and figurative. No matter how different our beliefs, we all agreed that humans must not know about vampires. To protect us, or them, or our many diverse ambitions. 

Then it happened. The end of the world as we knew it. Our powerful ancestors rose from their slumber, their war escalated in a few days of global madness, destroying entire bloodlines and wielding impossible powers in front of everyone's eyes.

Soon it was over. All the contestants blown out by an overwhelming power - perhaps the hand of God, they say. It took all the leaders, all the Clan founders, and most of their progenies. Only a sparse number survived; mostly the younger and the weaker. Were they given a second chance? Or are they just too meaningless to matter?

Mortal society wasn't greatly affected, in material terms. However they'd seen too much, and they could not unsee. Some argued that all remaining vampires should be exterminated, someone somewhere proceeded accordingly. 

Where I am, we've been luckier. Well, sort of. It's not like we have it easy, but most people would say 'vampire are people, too'. They post memes on the matter, go figure. You'd scoffed it off as pathetic, a few years ago, but now it's what keeps flamethrowers away from our face.  

So we're trying to survive in the open. Someone is bitter, someone is hopeful. Someone seeks for a new path to power, someone just tries to get by. In a way they're not wrong, we are people too.

Vampire: Unmasqued is based on the world of Vampire: the Masquerade, but it's not canon, and any existing lore can be tweaked to make the setting possible.

As displayed in the IC intro, Gehenna happened (it'd be an original version, I don't really care for the published scenarios), causing the Masquerade to fall apart and leaving only a small number of vampires behind. In theory, most hunters were also killed as they tried to join the fight, so no need to worry about those. By now nobody knows what happened to other supernaturals, anyway the focus will be on vampires.

The game would be set nowadays, with Gehenna happening a couple of decades ago (or maybe less), and a society that's still adjusting, with vampires and humans not really sure how to deal with each other. 

The game would be targeted both to V:tM aficionados, who might enjoy a variation on the theme, and to newbies, who could ignore all old canon and just enjoy a game about vampires in an unmasqued world.

I'll provide on site all info one needs to know to play, trying to keep it short-ish. There won't be stats or dice rolls, just a quick reference to the powers you can use. Consistently with the setting, all playable vampires (and also NPCs) would be young and not too powerful. Some clans might be entirely gone, some bloodline might have resurfaced.

More details once I see if anyone is interested. 

And ok, I know this is my #Nth attempt at "supernaturals in an unmasqued setting", but I really hope it could be the right one.

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