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Influential Canon Roles for Reckless

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Site Name: The Reckless Kind

Site Link: HERE

Canon List: More information is provided on our canon list page. 




A longtime friend of the Wilkes, Mitchell came into her position less than six months after Callie became alpha due to her own mother's illness. Even before gaining the official position, she was a confidant and friend to Callie who often acted as sounding board for whatever was going on in their lives.



----- YOUNG


Young is considered a general among the Avery clan and will inherit the position of beta when Uncle Avery perishes.

She was the first protege of the master, Gerard (see Eric Liang), and spent her life traveling and training with him until her twenty-first birthday. Supposedly, it was for her own good given how life-threatening his work was for the clan. Young trained under Kachina Avery, the matriarch of the bird clan in Somerset, and then transferred her allegiance to Winona after the older alpha died.





Born and raised in Arizona with the rest of the club, "Dom" is the nephew of R. Hardrick and cousin to Amelia Hardrick. He learned the art of deception at a young age and enjoys the life of a con artist and is quite the chameleon. He could be some sort of lawyer, accountant, etc. "Dom" also shares the same type of dark desperation to keep what is his like his cousin, Amelia, and take out any person who would ruin what he has set up.


Adopted son of Ray Wallace. Recently returning to the Sons of Mayhem.

J.R. is the son of a club member back in Scottsdale, Arizona. His parents were good friends and the kid was probably raised around the rest of the guys. At one point, J.R.'s father is arrested and put in jail for a certain amount of time. The club checks in on the mom and J.R. from time-to-time to ensure they're getting what they need. Down the road, J.R.'s father is killed either by the prison guards or rival gang. His mom wants to get them both out of the area and moves away for a little while, but when J.R. gets old enough to travel he always ends up right back with the MC.

J.R. is the prodigal son who is returning to his family after years of being exiled. He's matured and more level-headed than he was as a young snot making trouble. He owes the club his life and is looking to return to the fold once again. There is a lot to prove and more importantly, a relationship with Ray to mend.



---- SINGH



As his brother is still in a coma, Singh is now King of the Tigers. The people love him as he doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and has provided them security at a time when they do not know what's in store for them. He is known to have many lovers over the years but has yet to take a permanent partner. Through these lovers, Singh has many children with the hopes of turning them all when he can. He takes a great deal of pride and responsibility for all his offspring and because of that, they all have positions within his kingdom.

ARRIVED IN SOMERSET IN JANUARY. Struck a deal with the clans early and now has a piece of land in the surrounding area.



----- SINGH




The favorite daughter of King Singh. Like her mother, this one is more attuned to the spirits and spends as much time as possible outdoors to better listen to their messages. Passionate and a lover of life, she has earned a special place in her father's heart. Because of this, he does not let her wander too far from the pride and often spoils her with beautiful gifts. She knows this is how he encourages her to stay close and allows it despite the fact she has no plans on leaving his side. There may be another reason why, but for now, she lets her father think he is the sole reason.






Biologial son of Rosa Jackson; heir to the throne.

Only recently did his mother personally contact him. Before her arrival, he was supposed to travel ahead of the pride and set up arrangements in a place called Somerset. He hated the idea of moving from a big city to a small country town but did as ordered. He is now a newly hired detective at the Somerset police department.

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