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automatic post templates

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So I've been on a couple of boards that use this feature but for the life of me I can't find a tutorial anywhere? I'm probably being hella blind but there's just so much to sift through I thought it would be less stressful to just ask and be pointed in the right direction.

I'm looking to learn how to use automatic post codes. So, when I want to post a thread I can just use thread stuff here and those codes will automatically use a nicer post template rather than me having to always copy and paste something. I'd also like to be able to do the same with headers [h1] [/h1] and user group colours. So if I put [admin]stuff[/admin] it'll come up in the admin colours.

Any help on this would be mighty appreciated! I have no idea where to even start!

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@Morrigan Hi! Thank you so much for popping in!


I'm on a jcink forum at the moment and I have managed to get my head around the custom bbcodes (took me forever to know the proper name for them which was why I was having trouble finding tutorials)!


I have managed to code a simple table, but I'm having a slight problem elsewhere! One of my member groups is called Nora, so I have input a colour and font, but when I use the [nora] [/nora] codes for some reason the text that comes after starts on a new line??


like this

I'm using 1PARAM and these codes:

<b><div class='nora'>(PARAM1)</div></b>


.nora {
 font-family: poppins;
 color: #627d78;



I'm also trying to put in another table that uses an image, so [postimg=img url] [/postimg] but that doesn't seem to be working at all!

I'm using 2 PARAM and these codes:

<center><div class='postbg'><div class='adrpost'>(PARAM1)<div class='adrimg' style='background-image: url((PARAM2));'></div></div></div></center>


.postbg {
width: 500px;
padding: 20px;
background: #f3f3f3;
border: 1px solid #f3f3f3;

.adrpost {
width: 400px;
padding: 100px;
background: #f3f3f3;
text-align: justify;
font-family: poppins;
line-height: 160%;
color: #3f3f3f;


.adrimg {
width: 400px;
height: 200px;
background-size: cover;
background-position: center center;
margin-bottom: 20px;
Edited by Kat

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Just in case you're struggling with the nora code (and for any punters at home who might be struggling with the same thing)...


Change the code to this:

<b><span class='nora'>(PARAM1)</span></b>

Divs are a block element. By default, they will be on their own line. If you want to style individual words in a paragraph, you want to use span.


Good luck with the site, HZD is a fabulous world!

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