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 Coding SMF displaying custom profile field info

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How do?


Yes. Me. Again. 😔 I am rewriting the poster section of the display.template to create nicer looking mini profiles. I want to display certain custom fields, not as a block the way the code currently does. I want some of them above the avatar, some below, etc. And I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the PHP bits to make this happen. I know the names for my custom fields, I know where I want to put them. I just cannot figure how to get the value of specific fields to display. Anyone feel like pointing me in the right direction?  


p.s. I appreciate you all so much smart people thanks so much

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$message['member']['options']['cust_<key from the database here, most likely it will be the first 6 letters of the field name without spaces>']

Say we've got a custom field titled Full Name.

It is cust_fullna most likely.


This is how you pull custom fields manually globally. Just, it's $context in profiles and I believe $member in the member list.

If you have it set to parse BBC, you'll need to manually turn it on when you manual pull. It also won't have surrounding HTML or whatnot that's set in the field settings.

i.e. parse_bbc($message['member']['options']['cust_fullna'])

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