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Except for some of our episode plot updates, bios/apps, etc., pretty much all of our OOC activity is on our Discords. Anyone and everyone is welcome. There are permanent invite links at both of my RPGs although I have stopped doing battle with WidgetBot and TitanEmbeds.


We welcome guests. They can browse, chat with us, or just lurk. If they eventually decide not to join the RPG, that's fine too. I rarely boot anyone from our servers unless they are being a major problem.


So, if y'all wanna drop in and visit, you're welcome! 😉


Also, Discord is our only live-chat option. I am not going to maintain both a cbox and Discord. It's Discord all the way, baby!

Someone somewhere went to sleep and dreamed us all alive.
Dreams get pushed around a lot, and I doubt if we'll survive.
We won't get to wake up, dreams were born to disappear.
And I'm pretty sure that none of us are here.
~ None of Us Here by Jim Stafford ~


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Guests are allowed in mine.  Since it's our main hub of OoC activity, it's the best place for them to gauge the community and ask questions about the site.   I do not require them to join as

I'm a discord-a-holic. I love sitting on site's discords. I see the most fun things sometimes. I've been on some sites discord's for.... as long as I can remember and I pop in and tell them I love the

I have a permanent Invite Link on my site. Not that we're large or anything, but I treat my Discord exactly like a C-box: just with more options to categorize.    Also, I don't mind at all i

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