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What genre were your first rps in? (Member & Staff)

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The very first RP I joined was basically a Harry Potter fanfic. I didn't feel welcome at all, so I only stayed for a few days until I found something a bit more engaging (also Harry Potter).


By then I'd gotten the bug so I set out to make my own, this time a modern supernatural comedy/drama type thing. Soon thereafter followed an original superhero rp, and then I joined a big multigenre forum. Fun times.

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My first RPs were on Neopets... I did a lot of gifteds and dragon rider RPs. 😛 Then I moved onto fandom RPs like the Legend of Zelda, and finally, medieval fantasy, which I've been RPing for.... hm... like 5 years exclusively now?

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I dunno under which genre it falls more... AU or Fantasy :')

It was on a board that didn't distinguish between genres cause roleplay wasn't their main focus. The game itself took place on modern day earth where the greek gods were real and our characters had to save the world (though I'm not sure anymore why the  gods couldn't take care of everything themselves

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