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Making an Empire interesting to play for an RP

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The first place we are going to use for our RP site is an Empire (original world) that currently covers half of the landmass it is on (which is around 1/8 of its continent) and they plan to conquer some more. Instead of just fighting it as (a) smaller country/ies the players are actually part of the Empire (at least most of them, they can also be something else). So what I wanted to brainstorm is how you'd make that the most interesting.

You have the Empress (which already exists as a character), the Senate and various internal political faction like militarists, expansionists etc. One of the Empire's main goals is to conquer the rest of their landmass, so that they control 1/4 of their continent (they want to stop there but who knows what happens once they reach that state) by annexing other countries. This doesn't necessarily have to happen with military force since countries on other landmasses could feel threatened if you are too much of a warmonger, meaning that both military and diplomacy would be important (they start out with one close ally that always fights on their side).

Of course, internal and external struggles can both be possible, like using spies (or defending yourself against them), rebels, traitors, corruption, and instability if something goes wrong.


So I wondered how you could make the whole Empire thing interesting for an RP and, most importantly, the players. The main goal for imperials would be the annexation of other countries and to keep the realm stable while other groups would have other goals. I would probably make it so that other countries are like NPCs while making it challenging to annex them since enemy states will actively go against you.

Players could play Senators, people from the military, politicians, diplomats, guards/champions, members of the imperial family (not children of the Empress, though, since she doesn't have a partner), regular citizens, and much more.

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Idk how to make it INTERESTING, but one thing I took away from the last time I did a Political Conquest Arc is that you need to give people something TO DO.  Like, an "Immediate goal" that would further the bigger goal, or little scenes they can enter like quests: "Squash the Rebels in the middle of causing trouble here in LinktoThread1" or "Royal Ball: Goal is to impress Empress for anybody power-hungry enough to think they can become a viable suitor". Basically a series of  super specific events would be my suggestion. 


What happened on the board where I last did a conquest arc, was that we didn't have too many people interested in the political manipulations end of the spectrum. Which made it really difficult to combat our local dictator's rise to political power. Everyone ignored the intrigue stuff and only participated when there was a direct visible task to complete like, "Stop Minion X from blowing up London otherwise he's going to frame Veridian City for Tokyo's attack".

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So, for example, if there is a new war with one of the countries that have to be annexed a direct goal/event would be a battle or siege?

The whole thing starts out with a parade for the new Empress (where different things can happen), so that might be a good way to start things off.

But what you are saying is basically that the events of the conquest have to come to the players instead of them triggering them, right?

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