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The Initiative's 2018 Roleplay Community Awards

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Welcome to the 2018

Initiative's Roleplay Community Awards


We're holding a celebration of all things roleplay, resources, and community! These awards focus on everything that makes our corner of the internet so wonderful -- which is mostly (spoiler alert!) you guys!


If you've been desperate to show your love for a particular site, resource, or member, this is your big chance! Or if you're a member of the community that pours your heart and soul into your site, or the resources you make for others to use, this is your chance to be recognised for the amazing work you do!


It's like the Oscars for the roleplay community. But how does it work? How do you get to be Site or Member of the Season?


There are two aspects to the Initiatives: the voting categories, and points gathering




The voting system is simple. Nominations will be collected between now and August 9th, and voting will be held between August 10th and 23rd. Winners of each category will be determined by scoring the most votes. The categories are:


Awards for Roleplay Sites

Sites must be listed in the Initiative's Directory to be eligible for nomination.

  • Best in Genre (winner per each genre category)
  • Best New Site (sites six months old or less)
  • Best Established Site (sites six months to two years old)
  • Best Long-standing Site (sites two years old or more)


Awards for Roleplay Resources

Resources must be available here at the Initiative in the themes, guides, or codex areas to be eligible for nomination.

  • Best Forum Building & Management Guide
  • Best Writing Materials Guide
  • Best Being A Member Guide
  • Best Software Guide
  • Best Coding Guide
  • Best Graphics Guide
  • Best Plotter Template
  • Best Documentation Template
  • Best Premade Staff Template
  • Best Code Item (Other)
  • Best JCink Theme
  • Best MyBB Theme
  • Best phpBB Theme
  • Best Proboards Theme
  • Best Other Theme


Awards for Members

Members must be registered at the Initiative to be eligible for nomination.

  • Most Helpful
  • Most Welcoming
  • Best Discussion Starter
  • Best Resource Creator


You are allowed to submit yourself, your site, and your own resources if you choose. However, we encourage all members to reach out and spread some love and appreciation through the community. Nominate a site you know is great, or a resource that you always go back to. Tell that member how much you appreciate their presence here in the community!


Winning sites will be listed in a dedicated awards results page, and marked accordingly in the Initiative's directory as chosen by our community to be outstanding places to roleplay. Winning resources will be marked especially in our resources section and in a dedicated awards results page as items of high value to the roleplay community. Winning members will be acknowledged for their sheer awesome on an awards results page, and win access to subscriber-only features here at the Initiative and a plastic tiara*.


* plastic tiara may or may not be imaginary




One of the greatest things about our community is the great participation we get from you, and we wanted to reward that as part of the awards program. The points game allows all members, even those who are not nominated for voting awards, the chance to be named Site or Member of the Season.


Particular activities across The Initiative will allow you to accumulate points. These are:



Any of the above resources submitted or registered at the Initiative after July 1st, 2018, are eligible! You may already have scored points!


Awards-specific points are also up for grabs, including:


  • Submit a nomination to any awards category: 5 points per submission
  • Be nominated in any awards category: 10 points per nomination (not eligible if self-nominating)
  • Submit your voting card during voting: 20 points
  • Third place in any voting category: 30 points
  • Second place in any voting category: 50 points
  • First place in any voting category: 70 points


So how do you get involved?


  • First, register your Participant Tracker. This page will track all of your contributions across the awards season with a little IPS magic!
  • As part of setting up your tracker, you'll be asked to declare your allegiance. This means selecting a listing from the Initiative's roleplay forum directory that you will be representing throughout the season. You can only choose one, so choose wisely!
  • Start submitting nominations! You can nominate by clicking the Add Record button on the Nominations page. You don't need to fill out every nomination on the form, and you can submit the form as many time as you like - as long as you don't nominate the same item in the same category more than once. That would just be silly!
  • Get involved! There are heaps of things you can do to accumulate points for yourself and the board you're representing. Have at it!
  • Make sure that members you refer have your username in the "referred by" section of their account profile!


After voting closes, points are determined on an individual and site basis. Individual is the sum of all points you earned in your participation across the season. The site total is the sum of all points from all members representing that same board across the season. Members with the three top individual scores, and sites with the three top site scores, will win some fantastic features and advertising opportunities here at the Initiative!




  • Can I nominate myself/site/resource for an award!
    Yes, of course you can! However, you will only collect the 5 points for submitting a nomination, not the 10 points for being nominated.
  • Can a site/resource/member be nominated more than once?
    Absolutely! If you feel that something/someone is so wonderful they should be nominated multiple times, go ahead!
  • I run/love more than one site. Can't I support them all?
    We understand that heartbreak! But to keep the system simple, we're only allowing allegiance to one site at a time.
  • Can I change my allegiance?
    Yes! But whatever it is set to when voting closes is where the points will go, so make sure you change it before then!
  • What if voting ends in a tie?
    If votes are tied in any category, full points will be awarded to the top three scorers. So if two sites tie for first, one for second, and two tie third, all five sites will be given points according to their place. All winning sites, resources, and members will get their due recognition.
  • What if Site or Member of the Season ends in a tie?
    That's just awesome! We love winners! We may need to buy more plastic tiaras*, but we can deal with that.
  • Am I allowed to advertise that I/my site/my resources are up for nomination outside of the Initiative?
    Absolutely. Remember that any person you encourage to join our community can also count as a referral if they achieve 20 posts or more before the end of voting---so do the thing! You've worked hard to get where you are. Don't be afraid to bring people here and show them that the community loves you too!
  • Who is allowed to submit nominations?
    Any registered member of the Initiative. Ghosts with enough ability in the physical realm to operate a computer.
  • What sites, resources, or members, may be nominated for awards?
    Any site, resource, or member that can be found here at the Initiative! If there's a resource that you love, and you want to nominate it (but it's not here), consider asking the creator to submit it to our resource section!
  • Who is allowed to vote?
    Any registered member of the Initiative with 20 posts or more. This is to ensure that we don't get people registering to flood votes for a particular site/resource/member.
  • What if I forget to vote? 
    You simply won't get the points for submitting your vote. Voting will run for two weeks though, and we will be sending out notifications when it starts, and giving warning before it closes. So make sure your email address is registered correctly, and that you have "news and updates" turned on!
  • Do I have to fill out the whole nomination form? I can't think of one thing for each category.
    Nope! If you only have one item you want to nominate, do that! You can submit that same form as many times as you like, and you can nominate the same sites or resources in any category they are eligible for. 
  • I accidentally nominated the same site/resource for the same award... again. What do I do?
    You can edit your nominations at any time up until the nomination portion of the season closes.
  • I have another question, can I ask it?
    No, Karen. We don't allow discussion. Get back in your box. Of course you can! Just post below with your question, and we'll answer as soon as we can.

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Whoahoa! Let's make this competition hotter than ever!




Points will be awarded for first, second, and third in each category--so remember to nominate any site/member/resource you love for any category it fits!


For easy nomination points, have a browse through our resources and forum roleplay directory to find items to nominate in these categories!


Note: This list only covers number of nominations, so even if the award isn't listed as "empty" here, it's still a good idea to keep nominating for the other categories in case the item you love hasn't been nominated!



Codex Awards:

  • Best Documentation Template (0)
  • Best Premade Staff Template (2)


Theme Awards:

  • Best phpBB Theme (0)
  • Best Proboards Theme (0)
  • Best Other Theme (1)


Guide Awards:

  • Best Writing Materials Guide (2)
  • Best Being A Member Guide (3)
  • Best Software Guide (0)
  • Best Graphics Guide (0)


Site Awards:

  • Best Established Roleplay Forum (6 months - 2 years) (3)
  • Best in Genre
    • Animal (0)
    • Crime (1)
    • Cyber/Bio-Punk (1)
    • Dystopia (3)
    • Modern (1)
    • Futuristic (1)
    • Horror (1)
    • Human (0)
    • School (0)
    • Magic (1)
    • Sci-Fi (2)
    • Spy (0)
    • Warring Kingdoms (0)
    • Western (1)
    • Zombie (1)
    • Steampunk / Clockwork (1)

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I'm trying to use the nomination form, but when I copied and pasted the link for a guide I was nominating and chose the appropriate drop-down category, it didn't show up.  I figure there must be a trick that I'm missing, probably something obvious.

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2 hours ago, Owl said:

Will there be ribbons for winners?


 Hey Owl!


We will be announcing full details once voting is complete. We're in the process of finalising what the winner packages will be, and how they will be rolled out. So stay tuned, you'll know more after September 3rd!

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Guest Owl
On 8/13/2018 at 11:31 PM, Sadrienne said:


 Hey Owl!


We will be announcing full details once voting is complete. We're in the process of finalising what the winner packages will be, and how they will be rolled out. So stay tuned, you'll know more after September 3rd!


Since I sometimes have a hard time navigating the site, and I noticed my site wasn't listen in the place where the winners were indicated: https://rpginitiative.com/community-awards/


I figured I'd ask; were there any ribbons, or was it just that page?

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Guest Owl
18 hours ago, Morrigan said:

The Awards banners haven't been published. When they are they will be posted and everyone notified.


Thanks for getting back to me Morrigan. Understood.

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