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Adventures in job hunting

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So I've been searching for work, whether it's part time or full time doesn't matter. However, of the many jobs I applied for, the one I was Most Excited For was a position as a library clerk in a day care. The job is full time, great hours, and it's basically my dream job: I love to work with kids on writing and reading and part of the job description is reading to the kids. That's something I absolutely 100% adore doing. So it's one of maybe three dream jobs on my dream job list. 


So naturally, when I get a call back for an interview for this job only a couple of days later, I AM ELATED. I get everything ready for the interview and I know exactly what I'm going to say--how impassioned I am about literacy in children, how I'm perfect for this job because I've both volunteered in daycares AND have volunteered in libraries since I was a wee kid in sixth grade. I am 100% positive that this is The Job for me. 


I go into the interview half an hour early and get to know the ladies in the office while I wait my turn for my interview. When it's time, I'm called back into a room with the principal and two others. I'm so excited that I'm brimming to tell them everything I know and how I have the Dewey Decimal system down and they can quiz me on etiquette and all that when they start asking me questions that have nothing to do with the job I applied for. 


Out of confusion, when I'm given a chance to ask, I ask them: "Isn't this for the library clerk position?" They tell me it's not. I feel stupid and a lot less elated but I roll with it and answer the rest of their questions with as much aplomb as I can. When I get back into the car, I look through my application history and I realize that when I applied for the library clerk position, I also applied for five other positions at the same daycare that I qualified for. None of these jobs appeals to me nearly as much as that Dream Job. 


I am disappointed but I still think I did a great job at the interview. I stumbled on one question but that was because I was so taken aback by the lack of library questions. Haha. So that was my mistake. Is it bad that I'll be relieved if I don't get THAT job? I still hope to hear back about the library clerk position. :(((((((  

Reality is an illusion. 




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