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Times Your 'Ship' Sailed Away

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What are some relationships (Romantic, Non-romantic or  even Antagonistic) that went completely awry from what you originally planned/brainstormed? 



I once decided to play a new version of a character that I previously had established for many years with my RP partners on a reboot of the site that said character was previously a part of. Instead of the self-confident, emotionally powerful, independent self that she was; I decided to dial back her history a bit and put her under the controlling spell of a Sorcerer so that she could have an "escape" plot. Most of her memories were also defunct because of the spell. Now, I needed somebody to serve as a Link to her past in order for the whole, regain lost memories and defeat the conqueror plot to be successful as a character arc. Enter, my to-this-day-best-RP-buddy: We came up with a HILARIOUS idea of pairing her as engaged to (through an arranged marriage set up by her father before the whole, sorcerer fiasco) a character of his that she's been traditionally antagonistic with. In every incarnation prior, they've stubbornly butted heads against each other and treated each other with scornful and begrudging respect. Naturally, I thought this would be a hilarious dynamic: Engaged to somebody you distaste, but yet still bound to honor ancient protocols. 

Welp, when forced to actually "get to know" each other, she ended up actually falling in love with him, and he with her. They still have a...strange dynamic (he can throw her into a blind rage with a single comment even though otherwise she is naturally a very composed woman), but it was a COMPLETELY unexpected result. Somehow, it turned out that their respective pasts created more similarities than differences between them as people. 



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My best friend and I, getting to know each other, first planned our ship to be basically a one-off 'oh he's using him to get information' thing that would eventually lead into a different ship...


...Thing is, we got maybe 2 or 3 posts in and were like 'okay, these two really like each other and gel really well, and now my character is growing and becoming a better person, oh shit' and we've been RPing them as basically soulmates ever since :')

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This is basically the only way I can ship, tbh.


A big one was me and my friend ended up with a ship that literally began with my character going on a date with zirs, basically by default, as another character had offered one of his friends to the character and mine was the only friend who wasn't in a relationship and had a compatible sexuality. Their date thread ended up hitting it off really well, and a year later the ship is still going strong. 


On another board, my best friend made a temp character that really hit it off with mine, and in one thread became one of my favorite interactions I've had on site. She's making him as a full time character but he got aged down, so they're gonna just be platonic bros but I am soooo excited to see their friendship.

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