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What're your red flags?

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As a staffer, someone who does something on the site without obviously reading the rules/information about the site. I'm not talking about some of the smaller or more site-specific things that someone who's fresh to the community might miss or not realize upon starting. No, some of the more obvious stuff like making a character from the wrong era.


We all slip up sometimes, but come on.


As a player, someone who asks for plots but always tries to set them up just so that their characters look cool. I'm all for spreading the cool points wealth and all, and I don't even mind playing the more inexperienced character in a group or whatever to help others stand out but it's rare that I've had good experiences with players who are only worried about how awesome they look.

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Administrator, Star Wars Universe RP

An AU Star Wars Roleplay set in the Old Republic era

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People who can't find or totally ignore the IC/OOC line. Just because a character is a jerk to yours, doesn't mean the player is being a jerk to you, specifically.

Also, being unable to cope with the culture of a site. If you don't want smut threads to be something you'd potentially come across, don't join an 18+ site.

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33 year old woman living in the eastern US. Time zone is EST.

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People who find a way to redirect the conversation back to them and don't engage in ongoing conversation make me wary. I make a big effort to be nice to everyone and helpful and plot and post with them, but if we're never talking about my RP wants and needs then I feel like my efforts won't be reciprocated.

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People that don't read the lore and then wonder why they're having a hard time getting a character approved.


People who get super possessive of another character, regardless of if their character is in a relationship with that one or not.


People who talk about sex/smut or even violence/gore often. I get it, you like those themes. But there's been times I've been made so terribly uncomfortable.


Staff that play obvious favorites.

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