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Help with an ad banner

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Text: So, I'm currently in the phase where I could start to make ads to advertise our site but I have like no experience with that and it seems like you need a good ad banner for that. I want to put all the needed information in it, like genre, RP type and stuff like that. If someone is actually willing to do that for me (since I'm not good with the right fonts) then I'd tell you more later.

Images Requested: This one could be used as a base. I'd prefer something new but I'm sure that's too much work for someone who'd do it for free so I don't want to be a bother.
Size: No idea about this stuff but the image is 1280 x 210. It should work as an ad banner and have room for a bit of text.
Colors: A similar color scheme to the current one and the site
To be used on: I'm going to use it as an ad banner.
Other: Not sure so nothing I guess.

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