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Permission to Use Your Site


I just started a YouTube channel about roleplaying.  Directories and roleplay resources would be great subjects to have in the future. I would like to be able to include this site in such videos. It would involve showing screenshots of the sites. I would provide a link to RPG Initiative in any video it was used in.


RP Tidings - My channel if you want to see it. Right now it only has one video.


Thank you.

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Hey there @Meushell


We have been considering this and to start with this isn't a no but we have concerns that would have to be addressed prior to giving approval.

  • First off, in what context would our site be used in a video? Would we be notified of the subject prior to a video being made?
  • What parts of our site do you intend to take screenshots or use video of from?
  • We would require that user information, including avatars and usernames, be removed from any screenshots for the future privacy of our users and to be compliant with GDPR. We would also require that no screenshots of profiles without prior consent of those members and the consent must be sent to the staff of the Initiative from that member.
  • Finally, we would like to be able to approve the context our site is being used prior to the video being posted.

If we could hash out these details then it is very possible we can allow this.

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 Thank you for your consideration. 


At some point I’d like to discuss roleplay directories and what they offer. Depending on what permissions I get elsewhere, the idea would be that RPG Initiative would be one of multiple sites shown in a given topic. For example...


”What are Roleplay Directories?”

”Character Pictures”

”Hosting Your Roleplay”


The type of screen shots I’d be looking to capture are page headers or your general information on it, such as a look at the PB directory or the hosting details. I would not need to show any member information. The idea would be to show what directories have or where to find help in roleplaying.


I can keep you informed with each step of the process for each video made. 

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