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Site Name: Devil's Tattoo

Site Link: http://devilstattoo.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx

Profile/App link to character this is for: http://devilstattoo.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=49

How to contact me: In PM here or on the site, or through Simon Mendoza's account, or through the site's Discord

Preferred Playby: Open, see info below

Site: An original werecreature site, happening in a small town in Kentucky, based around clan politics, crime, investigation, mystery, the paranormal, the crazy life in the crazy hills, with horror elements as well. A biker club in town has already a dozen of members and hangarounds in play, so from the start there would be easy plotting possibilities besides with my character 


Name: Open first name, Mendoza as last name
Age: Between 21 and 26 years old
Faceclaim: Open. Brown hair and/or brown eyes preferably, but flexible. Can be older than the character's age
Species: Open, though the club is mainly werecoyotes
Relationships in game: Simon Mendoza, father. Various MC members having helped raised him or having known him.
Personality: Open. Bear in mind he was raised around bikers and can fend for himself

Simon Mendoza is the current President of the Hellhounds MC in Pine Creek, and I am looking for a little bit of family drama by having his son come back in his life after a 5 or 6 years absence. The son has been raised with the MC, without his mother for most of his childhood, though his father was mostly a busy man, and not really good at being a father. Mendoza's pragmatic and cold, plus spent a lot of time with the other members of the club, so the son can have a strained relationship with him manifesting how you like.

What did happen was, at a certain age, he decided he had had enough of his father and the MC. Maybe they shielded him too much, maybe the arguments with the old man were unbearable, maybe something else up to you. He packed his things and left on his motorcycle. It's also up to you to say if the son planned on leaving forever, or if he just needed a break, and where did he go or what did he do during that time.

And now, you would play the son having found where his father went, and deciding to go and meet him. It can be for acceptance, for money, for protection, or anything making sense in their context. While some of the MC might be glad to see him back, the relationships can go in many different ways. 
Looking forward for some family drama! 😛

Further details and timeline:

  • The son would be born in Prescott, Arizona
  • The unnamed mother decided to leave Mendoza in his mid 30's, so when his son was between 4 and 10 years old. His mother was Mendoza's former Old Lady, her species and fate are left open
  • The son was raised within the MC, with sweetbutts as his babysitters, and the other adult bikers as uncles. 
  • Not long after the mom's departure, the Hellhounds went at war with the Cannibals MC: the son would have been made aware of the constant state of alert of the MC, and would have lost some of his "uncles" un the fights.
  • The son would lose his great uncle, Mendoza's own uncle, some time late in the war. It's up to you if the son knew him well or not. It was the former President of the MC
  • Peace came, but Mendoza was made President himself, and was busy still for the following years. He'd apparently argue with his son often, when they would cross paths
  • In 2012, the Hellhounds learn of the Kentucky's chapter being wiped out
  • A year or two later, so in 2013 or 2014, the son decides to leave the Hellhounds and become a nomad
  • Current time, he's back!
  • Information on the MC can be read here

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