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Collaborative Fantasy

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I woke up from a weird dream where I was running this weird RP site. It seemed like a fun idea, so I thought I'd toss the idea out there and bounce ideas around. I cannot currently run another site myself. I just have ideas, apparently. Or maybe I don't. Maybe the dream was telling me I don't have ideas and I'm unoriginal in every way. Haha!


Anyway, so the site ran like this: every couple of months, there would be a voting poll where people would choose from say, three different things. Like if the theme that month is a new setting, it would be like "Pub/Bar, Hotel, or Shop." Players would then vote. The winner would then go something like "Hotel won--the first person to go out and get a photo of a hotel wins." Or if you don't want to reveal your location, maybe like written descriptions that people would then vote on. That person then would have the honor of creating the site's new hotel. They would submit their forum name and description and their new area would be added to the forum. There would also be categories for new species, races, flora, food, etc, maybe even continents as the site grew.


Thus the site would truly be collaborative. 


I do think there are problems with this. Obviously, if people leave and don't want their stuff to stick around, that sucks hardcore. But I like the growing aspect of it. Reminds me of Legend of Mana, one of my favorite video games. It started out with just "Home" and you'd plant artifacts for new cities and dungeons, etc. I've always loved the idea of creating something with everybody though. I like the idea of all members leaving their stamp, even if it could cause issues along the way.


Maybe this idea would be better suited to a smaller group? 



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I would do something like that! I got excited making a new character on a board I joined recently... the rules said people can make new cities if they don't want one on the map so I made a new city these people are from and imagined all the details... I think it would be sad if people left though, like if they collaborated and came up with a new location for the place and then left, that place should stay.... a new "owner" or whatever may need to be come in to be NPCed.

Site I recently joined as a points based system where you can put in your posts, wordcount, earn "points" from posting... and then use the money you earned and use that to have your own forum.... like if you want your characters home to have a forum of it's own, or their business. I thought it was a good idea! So the world kind of grows as community does.

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You should put in your rules that the creators can use their creations anywhere, but they also belong to the site for its whole life duration. The term is first rights granted to the site, while copyright belongs to the author. I really like this.

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