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Site Name and Link: Sufficient Unto the Day
Site Genre: Historical
Site info: April thru May. Summer 1797. The British possess the glorious bustle of Visakhapatnam which nestles in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. The French and Sultanate lurk to regain the hold over the city while 19th century looms ahead. Which side will you choose?
Your name: Tabs
Contact info: Reach out via on site want ads & their OPs, or to the site staff in PM or on Discord.
Role(s) requested:

Wedding Season
Site Event related want ads
Wedding Season is in full swing within Vizag and all across the state of Andhra Pradesh!  Some say this occurrence of auspicious time for arrangements is as sudden as an unexpected loss of a star from heaven. Others feel it was an ordained hour, only waiting to be discovered by the clever. With every match comes a benefit. Will it be the joy of lovers?  Will it be the hope of new alliance in families?  Perhaps you come merely for the business of the thing -- new resources, new political matches, better futures through the age old art of marriageable pawns. 


The following adoptables feature a variety of pick ups! Will you be a member of British or European colonial society? A BEIC company man or a member of the military looking for adventure?  Perhaps you come from the Nizam’s court in Hyderabad looking to stretch the influence of family and court. Are you among the higher castes looking to form alliances with anti-colonial factions?  Take a character. Choose a destiny. See where you stand!


The Colonials of Andhra Pradesh


Alexander James Cathcart, age 50 (ish), Rufus Sewell or Pierce Brosnan
Scottish, merchant, adventurer, opportunist
IC Connections: Kamil Azrak(son), Caroline Newbury(daughter), BEIC, possibly Little Palace

An adventurer at heart, Alexander has many stories to tell. He is a Scotsman of Lanarkshire ilk, his family's trade rooted in the Levant company from the 1750s. Alexander, although his Scot's accent is thick, has never seen much of Scotland, nor does he feel homesick for his country. Instead, he is a man who always pushes on and forward, seeking out new pleasures and treasures across the globe. This is one of the reasons why he is in India. He wants to seek his fortune.

But he has left something behind. He is a man of secrets, and although his family rarely talk of his past, Alexander thinks of it often. In the 1760s in Syria, Alexander had a love affair with a Muslim woman, Taruh Azrak. They escaped. They hid. They loved. They had pushed all boundaries. One boundary was pushed too far, and Taruh fell pregnant with his child, soon to be his only son, Kamil. With fear hot on his heels and prospects dying, the Scot fled to East India to join the BEIC, where he picked up an assortment of trades. Currently, his eye has been drawn to the trade of opium. Alexander is an opportunist, a good humoured man and with a heavy heart of guilt. He is currently married and has a daughter, Caroline (soon to be adopted by Livie), and as for his other child? He is right in Visakhapatnam, looking for him. Little do they both know they are like one another - they are men who seek adventure, who fear and relish every step along the way. For more details, particularly ideas for future plots, or if interested, see Alexander’s wanted here!


Lucinda Camden, age Early 20s, FC Open
Society Daughter, Engaged to Reginald Oaks, Schemer, Social Queen
IC Connections: BEIC (Connected Family), Anglo-Indian/British Society, Featured Bride to be in "The Camden and Oaks Betrothal Party"

The pearl of her parent's world and everything a well brought up British woman should be, Lucinda Camden has lacked for nothing while growing up under the auspices of colonial rule. Her father is a high ranking official within the Honourable Company. Her mother was an exceptional catch, arranged while they were young so that her dowry would come soundly into his pocket. This paired with company business has made the Camden family so wealthy that they can afford to have their noises thrust up into the air. Lucinda's is so high up it is amazing she can see down it at all. But she doesn't let the world know that. Every presentation is the perfect hostess, the modest maiden, the cleverness and prettiness to just the right point. Her goal in life is to not only marry Reginald Oaks, but to aspire to the heights of Waltair society just as they did in Chowringhee, Bombay enclave, to the point of owning the rights of entry. She keeps many secrets, none closer than the fact her betrothed is engaged in illegal activities to increase his fortune. How much of their love is for show? 


Reginald Oaks, age Mid-to-Late 20s, FC Open
BEIC Cavalry Officer, Engaged to Lucinda Camden, False Star, Smuggler
IC Connections: BEIC Military (Cavalry Officer, Rank Open), BEIC (Connected Family), Anglo-Indian/British Society, featured  Groom in "The Camden and Oaks Betrothal Party"


The most dashing man that has ever ridden on a horse now has come to Vizag, by way of the colonial enclave of Waltair. To hear his fiance speak of it, there is nothing this man wouldn't do for his company, his country, God, or king. The consummate gentleman, he exudes charm, humor, wit, and humility. A gentleman just never be too boastful. He always has a care for the ladies and is even seen as fair in his dealings with the native heathens. His family has long been vested in the Company, especially via a military tradition. So this, paired with the Camden's civil service, made them stars in Chowringhee. Now, with a promotion on the rise he is set to become one here. A wonderful bride. A grand career. What more could a man want? More money to pay off a secret list of debts that could outweigh his own inherited fortune because of his penchant for gambling. How does one get such funds? Smuggling opium, tea, and whatever else he can get over sea and hill.


Nathaniel Ainsworth, age 17-18, FC Open

Son, Ainsworth Heir, American
IC Connections: Yazdin Sarbh, Main Plot Feature in “Fires At Midnight

Nathaniel is the only child of Sir James and Alice Ainsworth. Thus, he is the heir to the Ainsworth fortune. The fortune is rooted in the American tobacco trade, but his father had turned the wheel and diversified to spices not long before the American War of Independence. Connections are strong through money and blood. and a young Nathaniel is still finding his feet as the future head of the Ainsworth household. He has a love-hate relationship with India. The heat troubles him and he is very often homesick. However Nathaniel is smitten by the young Parsi woman Yazdin Sarbh. Unlike his sweetheart, Nathaniel lacks courage, and his desire for Yazdin rocks his confidence in what means to be an Ainsworth. Does he have roots or wings? Nathaniel is described as a strong young man with strong features. His hair is fair to light brown and he has light eyes. He is featured in “Fires at Midnight” as an NPC character alongside Yazdin Sarbh. His background with Yazdin is still a mystery. Perhaps you can pave their past as well as their future?


Edward Oxford, age 26, Christian Slater

2nd Son of an Earl, Brother, Uncle
IC Connections: Nicholas & Catherine Oxford, British Nobility, British Society

Younger brother of Nicholas Oxford. Being the younger one allows him to be more free and careless. Like Nicholas, Edward is well mannered and educated; Oxford University graduate. However, his heart is set on a certain English Rose named Mary Jane. Careless and Free; and at times immature. Edward is loyal to his older brother and to his family. He is close to Nicholas and will seek his counsel where required. He can also be a flirt when it suits him. Outside of this, character is open to be created as seen fit. For more details, particularly ideas for future plots, or if interested, see Alexander’s wanted here!


George William Smyttan the Younger, age 27, FC Open

Rogue Son & Brother, BEIC Navy, Navy Position Upto Player
IC Connections: Smyttan Family, BEIC, BEIC Navy, British Society

What his chosen profession within the Navy is, is up to the player. He is the eldest son, true, but not the most responsible nor a totally serious man. He's chosen a life of hedonism when he is not playing at being a functional adult within the ranks of the company. If interested, or for further details, see this thread.


The Natives of Andhra Pradesh

Yazdin Sarbh, age 17-18, FC Open

Daughter, Parsi
IC Connections: Nathaniel Ainsworth, Main Plot Feature in “Fires At Midnight

Yazdin is the second youngest sister of the Sarbh family and the love interest of English-born Nathaniel Ainsworth. She is Parsi-born and a child of the Zoroastrian faith. Although described as adventurous with a childlike streak by her family, Yazdin faces the world with bravery and ambition. The world is her canvas, and her path is unknown. Will she find a future with her sweetheart Nathaniel, or will she follow her family’s principles and marry a Parsi? She is described as a dainty young woman with a curvaceous frame. Her hair is a black-brown which springs into loose ringlets. She is featured in “Fires at Midnight” as an NPC character, alongside Nathaniel Ainsworth. How Yazdin and Nathaniel met is still a mystery. What is their story? What is in store for them?


British East India Company
Soldiers, Medical Officers, Marines & Civil Servants
These are the men who take up the call to keep broad and long the reach of the British Empire through the Honorable British East India Company and the Bombay Marines. From the top ranking officer to the lowest ranking one, from the long careered civil servant to the man just beginning his adventure, there is a place for everyone! Will you march over tropical climes, rivers, and through deserts? Perhaps you are a man who seeks to be a civil servant risen from a mere clerk. This arm of trade doubles also as the governing body, keeping Visakhapatnam free from the grasps of the French, The Maratha Empire, and the Nizam's reach from Hyderabad.


Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Medical Officers
Representative of the military forces of the Honorable Company's occupation, keeping both the trade ways open, any competition on the field at bay, and performing duties as assigned. All ranks are available as well for original character applications, from the lowest cadet to captain and beyond — unless stated otherwise.


  • Infantry - Foot soldiers of the forces, traveling between places and carrying out orders as given.
    Cavalry - Mounted troops that serve as outback and territory scouts including keeping watch over the territorial boundaries.
    • Studious career-military man residing in India for 2 years. Newly appointed to the Waltair Cantonment. 30s. FC Open. (Field Marshal)
    • Dissolute clergyman’s son banished to the BEIC military by his father via purchased commission in hopes he’ll shape up. 20s. FC Open. (2d Lieutenant. Commissioned Officer)
    • Tireless Sepoy with a dark past. Mid-30s to 40s. FC Open. (Sepoy is a native position)

    Artillery - Soldiers in charge of weaponry and ammunition, which includes camels and elephants for use.
    Medical Officers - Fellow surgeons, apothecaries, assistant apothecaries, and the like who work under the Army Master Surgeon both in the local hospital and in the field as required.
    • Surgeons - Infantry, cavalry, and artillery. Also two in the Waltair hospital under the supervision of Army Master Surgeon, Dr. Smyttan.
    • Assistants/Apothecaries - Several in three branches(infantry, cavalry, artillery), and four in Waltair Hospital.


Civil Servants
Not everyone is meant to march in step or ride the waves, but that doesn't mean these men don't have a part to play. Everyone from clerks to tradesmen, chaplains to writers, naturalists who study the local plants and animals to the natives who are employed as language teachers, judges, and bailiffs. Featured are more direct company roles related to trade, but there are room for naturalists, botanists, chaplains, artists, and more!


  • Writer - Originally the most junior employee of the East India Company whilst it was a trading company. Later, as it became involved in administration, it retained the term "writer" for its most junior civil servants. note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    • Writer: Unnamed. Introvert looking for a challenge. 20s. FC Open.

    Junior Merchant - An effective "Rank" in the East India Company's commercial service senior to that of Factor, the progression being Writer, Factor, Junior Merchant and Senior Merchant. note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    Senior Merchant - Highest "rank" in the trading hierarchy of the East India Company whilst it was still a trading company, the progression being writer, factor, junior merchant and senior merchant. note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    Land Surveyor - Mapping territories, often attached to a regiment but as civil servant. note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    Moonshee - Teacher of languages, native. note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    Scholars or antiquarians - People in these roles are typically attached to the Asiatick Societie of Bengal(wikipedia link). note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    Tide Surveyor - An executive customs officer in charge of tide waiters.
    Tide Waiter - Uncovenanted Civil Servant; a Customs Officer who checked the goods being carried when a ship landed in order to secure payment of customs duty. note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    • Tide Waiter: Unnamed. Hardworking, good with numbers and organization. 20s-40s. FC Open. Could potentially be useful in the BEIC connected Warehouse Raid & Treasures from the Sea plots.

    Chaplain(s) - Missionary. Employee of BEIC. note that multiple characters can fill this role.
    • Chaplain(s): Unnamed
      BEIC Civil Servant. Available Position(s). FCs Open.
      IC Connections: BEIC, British Society, St. Christopher’s By the Sea
      These are the missionaries that end up working with the BEIC even though they may get some hassle from the Company itself. Some became part of the BEIC due to their skills as translators.

    Warehouse Manager - Supervises import warehouse and export warehouse.
    • Warehouse Manager: Unnamed
      BEIC Civil Servant. Available Position. FC Open.
      IC Connections: BEIC, British Society, The Campbells(Kendrew & Liliana), Featured in “Camden & Oaks Betrothal Party
      30s. Scotsman who tends to be a little paranoid, especially about his secret gambling debts, who is having a rough time at work given the recent incidents and the rumors circulating that he might lose his job. His wife, Margaret, spends a lot of money trying to keep up with society adding to his stress.
      Pre-requisite: Involvement in the Warehouse Raid & Treasures from the Sea plots as the position of this character is important in the plot.

    Tradesmen - A person engaged in trading or a trade, typically on a relatively small scale, as part of political and economical role in BEIC. There are also free tradesmen unattached to BEIC, but that is a separate professional role. note that multiple characters can fill this role.


Bombay Marines
The men who crew the famous East Indiamen ships serve the purpose of protecting the trade routes by maintaining armed ships for trade and escort, sailing the seas and rivers. They are also used for mapping coastlines and rivers all across India and Asia, while serving as an additional guard force for coastlines, harbors, and docksides. Climb the rigging as a seamen while learning the ropes to advance in standing. Cook a meal, keep the candles in stock, or pray that the storm never touches the sails. Join the wardroom officers in making decisions, or look over the long night as a member of the watch. All positions and ranks are open though those featured below are not all that’s available. Currently there are 3 ships in play: Calcutta Star, Princess of India, & King’s Glory with current priority given to filling roles aboard Calcutta Star. Below is listed available positions.


  • Sailing Master - In charge of ship's navigational charts and course setting. Also participates in surveys of territory if requested.
    Carpenter - One experienced in carpentry relating to ship construction and repair, and in charge of the carpentry department to maintain the ship's integrity.
    Master-at-Arms - In charge of ship security and rule enforcement. Assisted directly by the Ship's Corporal, followed by Watch Captain.
    Master Gunner - In charge of the crew that oversees the ship's artillery and the artillery itself; guns, cannons, etc. Assisted by his Gunner's Mate, and then corresponding crew. 
    Surgeon - Chief medical officer on board the vessel in charge of medicine and healthcare for all on board, he is assisted by his Surgeon's Mate and corresponding crew.
    Chaplain - Oversees all religious matters on the vessel, such as services, prayer, funerals, faith based counseling. Also an active officer.
    Purser - Ship's treasurer in charge of finances and payments. Oversees cost of and distribution of supplies such as clothing, candles, food, drink, and bedding. Deducts these items from the pay of sailors. A purser must have served at least one year as a Captain's Clerk in order to have the warrant for his position.
    Clerks - Chosen from among the most literate landsmen and seamen of the crew who apply for such positions, these clerks keep organized records of the vessel by assisting the likes of the Captain, Commander, and First Lieutenants with such things as minding their correspondence, setting bills for the watch, creating logbooks, minding their accounts, and various other tasks. May be positioned to other officers as needed.
    • Captain's Clerk is a position chosen by the Captain directly, and can be a civilian.

    Watch Captain - Head of the watch over other seamen on watch/guard duty as assigned by Master-at-Arms or his Mate. Watch Captains could also be called to the helm as part of their watch duties to navigate in the absence of a Captain. 
    Seamen -Those men on a ship ranging from landsmen (no experience/less than a year) to seamen (at least a year) to able bodied seamen (more than three years of experience). They may be put around different departments in learning or in specialty based on experience.


If interested in these wanted, and to learn more on positions, please reference and/or post in THIS thread. For a full reference, please visit following links for a complete list of offices and definitions: BEIC & Bombay Marines

The Pricha  & St. Laurence Household - Family & Servants
The home of Master Pricha, Noble and Private Diplomat, for Siam and the Yorkshire Fellowship. His wife, Madame Pricha, who servers as his translator, adviser, and holds sway over the Fellowship. Their high ranking servants are often Fellowship members, with rich histories of their own, including more open-ended adoptable choices and involved backstories to fill in and create in deeper contexts. The family members range from understanding the deep activities of their kinsmen, to participating in them, and having secrets of their own. The Master and Madame are used as private diplomats/cultural consultants by the East India Company, with other kinsmen listed having a history of Company roles.



Ram Pricha, 22, Daniel Wu(Suggested; FC must be Asian)
Brother to Aurelius Pricha
IC Connections: Pricha & St. Laurence Family, Features in "We Shatter"

Ram is very much the signature Siamese in the belief of 'sanuk' (playfulness) and 'mai pen rai' (no worries) when he is at home with his brother and family. He is very good at utilizing his youthfulness to put people at ease and let them underestimate him and his ability to read a situation. In a family of diplomats who served many kings, Ram learned fast. Where his eldest brother is stern and holds a neutral expression, Ram makes use of raised eyebrows, harmless jokes, and insightful revelations. He is very good at several fighting forms, most particularly sparring with Aurelius and Claramae in Krabi krabong fighting (this comes into play for a later plot, too). He speaks Thai, but has quite a bit fluency in Chinese and Hindi, with some broken English. I have very weak knowledge of Thai language, so this can be played with English writing, seriously.


His hair is dark, his body is wiry in build and strength. The middle names and the PB (Asian!) are up to the player, as well as the rest of the personality, history, quirks, and other various secrets. While Aurelius and Ram both have a shared family and some shared history, Aurelius was gone a lot so that leaves a lot of gaps in Ram's history to fill in up until this point. Character sought by Kay of SUtD, being advertised on her behalf so please reach out to her on the RP site via the on site want ad.



Lord Byron Gregory St. Laurence I, age 52-56, Tim Roth(Suggested)
Uncle, Brother of Richard St. Laurence, Retired Navy, Yorkist, Architect, Land Surveys
IC Connections: Pricha & St. Laurence Family, Yorkshire Fellowship, BEIC, Helvetius Intrepid Society(possibly)


The story of the St. Laurence brothers is as wide as a net can cast. Why? A father was gifted with bright, brilliant young men. Other members of the family took keen interest in one another’s children. It wasn’t just rank and position they cared about, but education, preserving lands and titles for future generations, and continuing the tradition of excellence that their name belied. Where his elder brother Richard took to the Royal Navy and advisement on ships for military and mercantile use within the British East India Company all of his days? Byron took to the other tradition of their father after his service in the navy concluded due to injury: land surveys, architecture, and  civic improvement. He is a voice for beautifying London to meet the coming of the new age, and a voice sought after for projects in the colonies to bring a touch of Europe to the far off lands. Naturally, this is wrapped in his advisement on manners to which he is sought after on.


He goes to India again not only to visit his niece and meet the family he has not seen in some time, but to also take up a post among the Yorkists as he once had in Bombay. He was one of those men who gathered in chairs over dusty books on a dusty day. He also finds himself among the deeper end of the equation, with a specialty for cracking codes, a skill he shares with his sister-in-law by Richard, Liadan. The oddity of his niece’s life choices only amuses him, with his own wife being born in the East Indies, the daughter of descended rich gentry who purchased a peerage. It is said there are a few shades of tawny in her lineage, too! Open to writer figuring out the specific style of his BEIC service, and if he seeks to resume any such posts again in his later years!




Lady Katherine Anne Dennery, age 30-32, Clemence Poesy
"Kitty Anne", Cousin, Poet, Yorkist, Widow, Bluestocking
IC Connections: Pricha & St. Laurence Family, Possible Long-lost Love(if interested), The Yorkshire Fellowship, Yorkist’s Club


If ever there was a woman in the family that Claramae was close to other than her own mother and great-grandmother? It was Katherine Anne, or “Kitty Anne” as she was always affectionately called. Claramae was never afraid to laugh with her, or tell her the things she studied or longed for. She has longings, too, having treated Claramae as something of a sister due to the fact her own sister died when early childhood was just coming to a close. The epitome of the sweet, gentle woman of the day, it hides a much deeper sense of self. While much of her light can be kept under a bushel? Katherine is quite intelligent, benefitting from the family’s model of tutelage extended to young women, even cousins of differing names. She has several hobbies, including a love affair with Italian poetry and art.


Claramae’s placid face is also no bother to her, for she can be very similar at times, nothing overstated or understated in expression. She came to Calcutta with her husband who died of cholera. With her mourning at its end, she elected to continue on in life’s adventure, turning correspondence into nearness by taking up residence alongside her cousin in Waltair. She represents a story of colonial womanhood, being brave enough to take the journey and to bring those aspects of society that women take with them. For the possible long-lost love connection part mentioned in IC Connections, and general plans for it, contact Tabs of SUtD.




Sir Edward "Iron Hand" St. Laurence, 29-35 , Eddie Redmayne
Fighter, Friend, Cousin, Yorkist, Senior Merchant
IC Connections: Pricha & St. Laurence Families, BEIC,  Yorkshire Fellowship, Mystery of the Warehouse Raids(BEIC Plot)


Edward has had many adventures in life, the extent of which are waiting for his writer to fill in. However, what can be said of the son of Byron Gregory is that he had a terrible habit for getting into trouble until it damn near cost him his life. What it cost him was the full function of his hand without mechanical assists. Though he had dreams of a military career, youthful folly and the adaptability of his hand rather changed the course of those stars. He is particularly close to the St.Laurence siblings though they did not see one another near as much as they would have liked due to the business of their fathers. He was a dear friend of Claramae's brother James Paul, if not second only to both Claramae and Aurelius themselves.

A legacy of James' brilliance and Claramae's cleverness with math and parts lives on in how his damaged left hand is able to move with the help of the a metal hand assist whose rings he keeps oiled so one does not here him creaking about. He turns instead to India to recover a bit of ailing health and participate in the growing of his coffers to make up for the debt to the family holdings in his house. A good man by nature, he has taken hold to the Orient with a great fever and when he is not overseeing things as a Senior Merchant for the British East India Company? He studies Eastern Religion and Art, to which he has plans to take up one of them for his own. Your choice of which particular religion he fancies to practice, between Hinduism and Buddhism, and which ones he enjoys studying as part of the local/Asian culture.



If interested in these wanteds, the Yorkshire Fellowship, or the Yorkist’s Club please post in THIS thread.



The Leveque and Obray Family
A family of Academics, Priests, Missionaries, and Travelers, representing both French and Chinese cultural, religious, and missional history by utilizing the last years of the Jesuits, French Foreign Missions, and the French Revolution. Also seeking teachers and servants for the L'école Leveque(read forum description), a dame school overseen and run by this Catholic family. This family is also connected with the local Catholic church and the parish activities of St. Christopher's by the Sea.




Amiee Leveque, age 28, Zoey Deschanel(Suggested)
Sister, Aunt, Widow, Tutor, Teacher
IC Connections: Leveque Family, L'école Leveque Dame School, Main Plot Feature in “Burning Day


The oldest of the Leveque sisters born outside of Paris like her father, Barthelemy, was, half-sister is a term that would never do to describe Aimee's relationship to Eirian. The two might as well have shared the same womb!  Her mother died at a young age, leaving her father heart broken. Throwing himself in to his work, she became his connection to the world at large, his littlest adventurer, his companion.  While having no memories of her own mother, she lacked for nothing under the love and guidance of her stepmother, Ebrain. Memories of life in Wales and France are with her, though the great majority of her story after age ten began during the years in and around Peking, China. She thrived on challenges, surmounting them with a warm smile, inspiring words, and beauty. Like her sister Eirian, she is a teacher in the school and a tutor. Her list of talents include needlework and playing piano, as well as the impressive Orient skills of Speaking and Reading Manchu and Chinese, playing the erhu and flute, calligraphy, watercolor painting(all of the Chinese style of course) and playing Go. To the Western end of things, she also thrives in several languages and shares her Uncle Gwyilliam's love for mathematics. 


At the age of 20, she wed a young Chinese convert in what would prove to be two permissible marriages of this sort with her sister taking the second. Tragically, injury and infection would pull her husband from this world in under a year's time, with no children left of the match. While in Paris in her adult years, she served as a governess to a family found by a man who claimed to be a "Friend" but was left nearly beaten with her virtue stolen. While the events of Paris have stayed with her? India heals as she throws herself head long in to learning local languages and history with her family, teaching, or chasing after her capricious niece.




Gwyilliam Obray, age 44, Dylan McDermott(Suggested)
Brother, Uncle, Great Uncle, Secular Priest, Mathematician, Scientist
IC Connections: Leveque Family, L'école Leveque Dame School, St. Christopher’s By the Sea(parish), Main Plot Feature in “Burning Day


Gwyilliam had never wanted to be anything more than a priest, and happened to stumble in to his scholarly pursuits along the way. He had served in the Orient for many years by the time the suppression of the Jesuits came to pass. It was a sad thing to him, for they represented a way of teaching God and seeing the world that did not remove a person's host culture. By the time it all came to pass, he had returned to what was now a combined home with his fellow brother in spirit, and now by law, Jacq! God works in mysterious ways does he not? Just as he joined to be friends with the man in the Orient, it would be that their sister and brother, Ebrain and Barthelemy, wed in the West. Along with Father Louis de Poirot, they became a trio of Jesuits who remained in favor of the Emperor. Even if they were not, by holy law, Jesuits any longer? It was what they would always be called. Skilled in mathematics and science, he took to the history of the Church in the Orient with zeal. He read through the science of the country, finding things in the East the West had only began to touch on. A man of many opinions, it sees him author many books and being in the habit of teaching older male students the art of debate.


Returning to the West proved the hardest thing him and his family had ever done. The Catholic nation of France had then become secular, the Church dismantled, and priests had become servants of the state. Beliefs once held up saw him beaten. Schools he had gone to now closed. He tutored to help the family survive, and though sworn to serve the state of France? In secret, he continued to teach catechism to those who would ask. England proved a little better, but he was glad to return to the far side of the world. He is now a priest with no real order, having taken no new vows, and is happy in secular service. Like his fellow brother-in-law, he assists the family by balancing books, teaching, and tutoring. It is not uncommon to hear him clapping his hands or going "No that is not it!" in his debates, or being toppled down by his great niece.




Jacq Gabriel Leveque, age 50, Russell Crowe(Suggested)
Brother, Uncle, Great Uncle, Secular Priest, Historian
IC Connections: Leveque Family, L'école Leveque Dame School, St. Christopher’s By the Sea(parish)


Jacq was the brother far more strong, steadfast, and stable on his feet. So that he became a priest was something of a surprise to everyone, even given the birth order.  However, his love of learning was surpassed only for his love to the Lord Almighty. Missionary work became a passion of his, not only because it took God to foreign lands? But it taught people like him that the world was wide, different, and broad in scope than some in Europe would have him believe. Even for his place in the Church, he had to work as hard as his brother did to become a Professor.  When one is poor? One learns the value of hard work, patience, and gratitude. He is full of all three of these.


He never agreed with the suppression of the Jesuits, which he may call one of his greater faults given to not agree with such suppression would be to disagree with Holy Mother Church. However, it was men who complained long before His Holiness had, and men who saw fault where God might not have. Like his brother-in-law, he is very opinionated. He is apt to share them with those who will listen with an open mind, albeit with more care since his time in Revolutionary France. He agreed with the reason for the revolution, but was vocal against how it was being carried out after seeing whom it was harming. For this, he was beaten and imprisoned on more than one occasion. Now, he is less of a rabble rouser for public justice, but will help those in need regardless of their ethnic origin. Like his niece Eirian, while he respects the culture surrounding them, he finds the treatment of the Untouchables on par with the hardships faced by biblical Untouchables of the Old Covenant, and finds it sad and wrong.  On a happier note, he much enjoys his loud debates with his brothers in law and nephew in law, walks with his nieces, and chasing after his great niece much to everyone's chagrin around the entire house.


Other Teachers, Servants, & Students
A maid-of-all-work or two for the household, meaning they help with everything from people dressing to cooking, cleaning, organizing, gardening, and errands. people to serve as assistant to the adults of the house, perhaps studying for things such as clerk positions or teaching positions. For the school, since it is growing, additional teachers welcome, especially fellow Catholics or those who followed other Catholics on mission-minded purposes! Someone to assist the family with the scheduling and book-keeping of the school and multiple clients for tutelage highly sought after. Also needed are those with ties to St. Christopher’s By The Sea.



If interested in these wanteds, the Dame school, or the parish please post in THIS thread.



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