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Adopt my vampire mafia lord

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I'm looking for a site that my old-as-grass vampire mafia leader ex-figure skater can fit into. Probably would need to be an urban or modern fantasy, obviously something with vampires haha. His name is Kassander, either Kassander Giovanni or Kassander Essair, but probably Essair, and he is a 2,100 year old vampire mafia leader, born a Julia Caesara (the famous Julius Caesar was a cousin), former Roman legionnaire, emotionally constipated, tired of living but too proud to give up. He's got a penchant for helping those less fortunate than he, which is actually how he got landed with his mafia.
(Kass: Fuck, why is this my life.)


He tends to be a bit on the special side, as in his natural magic alignment is light, and he is a seer (he was named for Kassandra of Troy, and he does and does not have her issue where he speaks the truth but no one believes it). Many find him preeeetty intimidating. It's okay, he'd find him intimidating, too, if he knew himself. His PB is Lucky Blue Smith (blond one), and I am not budging on that one, I can't see him as anyone else, so he should be open. I am open to PB sharing, though, as long as the other player's willing to look the other way, I am too (I'd prefer if the other one was dark-haired).


Things to Note:

I hate apps. I will do them but they should be short and sweet. I have 2,100 years of history to write, bite me. I greatly prefer no app at all.

Easy peasy short and sweetie rules for grown adults please.

I hate activity checks. I am a very active poster, but I'm currently very busy very stress, so I probably won't be mind-blowingly active at first.

I have varying mental disorders, and it will show. Your community will need to be able to handle I have off-days. I can manage myself fine, I just need the space to. Let me do me.

I Lurk a lot. A LOT a lot.

No word counts, please, even little ones, even vague ones (especially vague ones?), I post Many Words, especially with Kass because he is THE OLD AND WORDY, but yanno. Expectation.

3.3.3 rating please, but no overboards. Like those angled specifically for all the NC-17 sites would frankly annoy me, sorry.

I am a designer and a coder. I'm also half blind. I need to be able to read stuff. I also hate post templates.


I can probably swing a HP site, btw, it just needs to be able to accept vampires. Lol Kass is even quite skilled at playing the villain if you want one (fair warning, he's one of those Fun Villains that very skilfully toes the line between being a Horrible Monstrosity and being an Anti-Hero and he WILL make your chars question their morality and maybe even their sanity, because he's got reasons for everything, and sometimes they're ostensibly good ones). If you think he can fit into your site even if I've not mentioned anything like it here, go ahead and suggest it anyway, I'll have a look (he's done everything from historical to modern to sci-fi to historicalPokemonSciFi, and I wish I was kidding on the last one... stares into the void...).

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I'm gonna throw Treaty your way because:  


Modern Earth - Original Urban Setting
Vampires get to play with other Magical Creatures~
333 rated, but we're not ALL MATURE ALL DEH TIME.
"Apps" are whatever the hell you want to put in them; and you don't have to wait for approval* (*Staff will let you know if anything is outright Lore-breaking, but we won't like, suspend your ability to post or anything as it gets adjusted)
No word count, even fake ones. 
No activity checks - We're laid back, so you do you when it comes to time needed to do whatever. 
I'm an introvert and good at giving space.
There are 9 rules and most of them have already been mentioned.
No mandatory templates, but we don't stop members from using them if they choose to
I /think/ the site qualifies as readable (My coding/design skills are very basic-sauce)?

Lurkers/OOC participators are welcome.

He would be the 3rd leg of a trifecta of Old-As-Dirt Vampires and I'm already planning group bar hangouts complaining about all the Youngsters. A Vampire King (An 'Original'), A Vampire dubbed "Deaths Mistress", and a Vampire Godfather sounds like a hellofa interesting group. My Vampiric creature normally plays a True Neutral/Chessmaster and I've been DYING to find a new playmate for her. 



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