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Fanged Wonder

The Originals| The Vampire Diaries canons wanted for new AU site.

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Site Name:  Carnaval De Sang. 

Site Link: Be Our Fresh Blood

Canon List:

An AU site. Set post TVD & TO final seasons. We continue the endless carnival of blood left in the wake as once more, factions struggle to remain at peace. And an old darkness is re-released as a sacrifice is reversed. The year is 2026. All that was once lost. Indeed has the means to be returned. The dead, restored. But at what cost? Not all come back as they once were. Those unlucky enough to have found themselves in the hell dimension have succumbed to becoming demons to lighten their pain. And those who were at peace. How will they feel being thrust back into a world full of suffering & turmoil? Especially with forces greater than any realised seeping into the very foundations of the land they tread. The Ancestral Witches are angered. And Dark forces literally inhabit every crack in every brick, of certain areas of the fair city of New Orleans. And a newly restarted Mystic Falls suffers a similar fate. The consecrated ground it lays on becoming a hot bed of malignant power. 


The following characters are very much wanted to join us on this journey.


Rebekah Mikaelson

Freya Mikaelson

Keelin Maraux

Elena Gilbert (human. Delena ship)

Bonnie Bennett

Matt Donovan

Jeremy Gilbert

Vincent Griffith

Alaric Saltzman

Lizzie Saltzman

Josie Saltzman

Olivia Parker

Antoinette Sienna

Roman Sienna

Hayley Marshal

Tristan De Martel

Stefan Salvatore

Finn Mikaelson

Lexi Branson

Tyler Lockwood

Rayna Cruz

Valerie Tulle

Lorenzo St. John.

Josh Garza.


Many more are open. But those are our currently most wanted. Feel free to stop by the chat box on site. Or PM me directly here.

There is also a discord server for the site, which you can access upon registering. Though only join that if you are taking on a character. 


Edited by Fanged Wonder

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