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SMF Site Help: White Screen of Death

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Help me Obi Wan SMF-Kenobi! And...as the site is not yet live, there is no rush on this.


I enabled the Character Mod on Chronicles of Aereth which may have nothing to do with the error I am now receiving!


I tried to start a New Topic in the Test Board forum and received the white screen of death. I then disabled the mod to see if that might have caused it somehow since I do not have any characters set up and am still receiving the error. Again, one might have absolutely nothing to do with the other.


This is the error I receive... I know this is a generic error, but not sure how to isolate it's source on SMF.


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 5.55.10 PM.png


The only other thing I did was enable the calendar (prior to enabling the Character Mod).


Thank you for any and all help!

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Thanks @Morrigan, I was just about to tag you to ask if they had error log access.


@Stormwolfe, copy-pasta the entire error for me. Most likely this has something to do with taking subaccounts out, if I had to guess, there's probably a leftover bit or two from it in the post source files or so. The detailed error behind the 500 should tell us which bit(s) and where.

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@Morrigan, @Arceus


In cPanel --> Errors, the "error" log is blank.


On the Aereth site, the only error is the screen print I added. Sorry for being vague. I am still looking around for more information.


What happens exactly is...

  1. I click on New Topic in the Test Forum.
  2. Goes immediately to the white 500 error screen.

I apologize for not being more help 😞

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Fixed it, don't reinstall the character mod. Feel free to put SubAccounts in it instead, in the interim, or you can wait probably a week or two. I'm about 99% sure the character mod cannot operate on PHP 7 at this time. I will be working to update it so that it can.

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@Arceus I will leave Chronicles of Aereth on indefinite hold. It is not a problem to do that since I have a massive amount of lore to edit and have to make a decision on what we're going to do with the premise. I also need to find a better interim theme while I await your magic (no rush there either). I chose the current one because I like full-width responsive themes, but I think it has a few personal issues.


Thanks to you and to @Morrigan for your help with all of this!

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