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Site Name: Carnaval De Sang.

Site Link: Here.

Profile/App link to character this is for: Mr Salvatore.

How to contact me: PM me here directly.  Guest box on site. 

Preferred Playby: Nina Dobrev.

Wanted character information:  Elena Gilbert. You all know her story & who she is if you're interested in this ad. So aside from that, the lowdown is as follows. The setting is after both TVD & TO have ended. So the year is approximately 2026. That makes it 7 years since Stefan sacrificed himself. Elena is human & has the cure running through her blood. And has opened up a medical practice in Mystic Falls.  Damon, however.  Never took the cure & remained a vampire. And as he does, fell into one of his deep spirals, unable to deal with the loss of Stefan, blaming himself for it. And unable to accept that Elena, can truly forgive him for all the yet more awful things he has done in the years she was asleep. Not willing to destroy her, as he thinks he will. He left Mystic Falls, in a bid to try to find a way to deal with forgiving himself, so he can feel worthy enough to accept forgiveness from others. But along the way, he has reverted to his safe place & flipped his humanity switch as he is just weak when it comes to handling emotional pain.  He is currently finding himself drawn back to Mystic Falls. Which is of course where these two will meet again, & have a lot to process & talk through. And there is a darkness manifesting in Mystic Falls which is going to being affecting supernaturals too, so there will also be that to contend with. She will have her work cut out getting him to flip that switch back on. But ultimately, even with it off, he still loves her. And she (on this site & in this story. As yes I know with fandoms people all have their very strong personal opinions on ships so I am not suggesting it is the actual case of true canon. So no hate please 🙂 ) loves him.


Of course, since it has been some time since he was in The Falls. It is possible Elena may have started up a new relationship with someone if her writer wants to play that angle. But they would not be her true love interest. I do want for her & Damon to end up together. I would say sooner rather than later  


Other Information:

I would prefer the writer of this role to be a mature writer as I am one myself.  I have been around a long time. Maybe too long.  And someone who is loyal as a writing partner. I have dealt too much with people who like to play games, & flirt with other characters constantly for a reaction. I can't do it anymore.  I'd like her writer to be someone who would actually stick up for Damon in chat & such etc. Not join in on the constant goading he tends to get. As he does tend to get a lot of stick haha.  Activity wise. I am not a power poster, and can sometimes take a little bit to get to things, depending on how busy work has been & such. So you would not be expected to be posting huge amounts every minute of every day either.

Also, I am in an European timezone myself.  Whether that holds any influence on interest in the character or not, I do not know. But just putting it out there.  


Oh. One last thing. There is potential for her to become a vampire again at some point possibly. During a story arc which would revolve around getting the cure out of her completely.

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