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The Red Flags of a Failed RP

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In this thread, I've learned all my roleplays are dead and I just don't want to admit it. 

Usually when I can see that the site was created in a day or less. No offense to people who get things done quickly—I just haven’t seen many of these sites take off. I think they’re impulse creations

When site staff start creating rules to discourage or outright drive specific members from the board, rather than either A. attempting to speak with the member(s) about whatever issue has arisen or B.

I think a hard to use skin, a messy skin, or spelling mistakes are my biggest turn off when I am looking at new sites. I will also check the board stats for activity level. 


Sometimes simpler is better, and trying to make a fancy skin might just be making the board hard to use. I need to be able to find everything I need without much trouble.

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- Lots of complaining from the admins about having to do admin related things. You can complain, just don't do it to your members. I know it's tough. Especially when you've been working on guides or lore for what seems like decades and you just want to write some posts- but you'r building the foundation of your site. Be prideful in that (and go cry to your other staff about your eyes feeling like they're bleeding)


- "Hey guests!" in the cbox for days


- Sites that appear to have copied and pasted another site's ideas, but tweaked them just enough so it's not theft. I think this is more apparent in smaller fandoms- I saw it a lot in GOT sites back in the day. It happens, but unfortunately, it usually doesn't work out. 


-Sites made by a serial site creator. 


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Lack of interest in involving newer members/plotting with newer members, even when new members reach out for threads. That is a red flag for me. Normally they don't last long and end up fizzling out.

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I’m currently watching several sites because of a lot of these red flags, coupled with my curiosity as to what happens. One of my favorite things to do when I’m not writing is to browse sites. I’ve even attempted to create a couple of my own before, though in both cases the loss of my sites was more due to my financial situation over the last few months and a poorly chosen subject for the second one helped to contribute there. Additionally, I think I threw up many of these red flags myself—I had no clue what I was doing, as I was and largely still am new to forum roleplay and building my own worlds. 

As for the topic at hand, these are things that throw red flags at me in regards to joining a site that is new (in addition to several of those already mentioned):

• Lots of registered characters/populated discord, but very little forum activity. 
• Rules that exist solely to stifle a player’s creativity—specifically character limits regardless of user activity.

• Active discouraging of players by the admin.


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A major red flag for me is when there are more posts in plotters than actual threads. It tells me the players are more interested in headcanoning their stories than actually writing them, and the site will limp along for a little while until it quietly dies off from lack of interest.


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