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Character Songs/Playlists

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This topic is a bit of a spin-off from @Zozma's. 

Except instead of what characters were inspired by specific songs, I want to see what songs you collect because they remind you of certain characters, embody them - however you feel it. Maybe it represents a character pair. 


For example this one is a song for one of my favorite character romantic pairings - SethxAlice: 



And this one is one of my favorite songs from my character Dagonet's playlist. In his very first incarnation he was a child soldier turned career soldier - since then he's always been military in some form or fashion, regardless of the world/time period I play him in. This song very well sums up the fucked up things he's done to keep himself and his fellows alive, and the unrepentant remorse he suffers with over it:



So share your favorite individual songs, your whole playlist - let the rest of us in on some new tunes! 

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I don't know if this is what you are looking for buuuuut... my melancholy, whole life of bad decisions and sadness immortal elf who cannot get anything together and keeps digging himself a deeper hole...

Chopin's Nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp Minor hits the feels for him. I can listen to this piano piece over and over while I'm writing him.



Then we've got Smoke, which fits him and his lover that he continuously abandons, runs away from in the middle of the night. Fits so well because he's a smith and all the fire symbolism I'm always writing into his story on top of it all!


Yeah my list is enormous... hehe... I'll be back later with more characters I'm sure!



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Vesta: An old-as-dirt true-neutral vampire who thrives on intrigue and often doubles as Chessmaster(trope). When she has a "playmate" to actively play against, I often put on "the Tennis Song" from the musical City of Angels: 


Basically, in the context of the plot of the show, the double entendres aren't just about getting jiggy with it: 


Mrs Kingsly ends up being the brainiac behind the missing persons case turned murder plot that the main character is working on. 


Also, Hell on Heels by "Pistol Annes" works very well for her:


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This one fits a character pairing, my Red and @Morrigan's Violet, so well that we created a background plot in one setting where they wrote the song together while in a band that briefly shot to fame and acclaim only to drop off the map to the present day. Now one of our side projects is building the albums they released while still active in that particular universe. 

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