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Please please PLEASE make 2x versions of your buttons and graphics

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Y'all. Please. Trust me on this one. I would be more than thrilled to show everyone how to export 2x versions of their graphics and tweak the html to control the display size.




Cuz these graphics are fuzzy as shit. I had no idea until I started using my work computer (a Macbook) to browse RP sites during my lunch break, but damn. Damn. Retina be ruinin' all y'all's buttons. All my buttons. It's ruining everything. I can't go back to a regular monitor.


I've seen the future, and it's drowning in pixel density.


I'm never making 1x graphics for my RPs ever again.

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Glub glub.

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Why should I make my graphics twice if I need them once? I mean, wouldn't they be exact copies? Or do you want them of different resolutions? Why, if I need only a specific resolution? And why use dohtml? I hate it and I use it almost never.


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TC8kNCH.jpg7A5bb.pngsmallfrisson.gifaffy.gif SSbuttonnew.gifTIT7dF.png

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I think its because sometimes you need things in a bigger size due to 1) modern screen resolutions making the standard 1x size look bad, 2) flexibility for reusing/editing images. Its easy to scale things down using code, css, html, whatever, but if you scale things up, the computer needs to guess what the pixels would be, and the image looks either pixelated or blurry, and things just don't look right. by using an image thats 2x the size it should be, it allows you to make the image once, and have some flexibility in how you scale it, while high resolution, and large monitors don't take the hit.

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Okay but most rules specifically require an image size. Required image sizes for affiliate graphics (as an example) are not going to be scaled down by the person asking for a specific size, I can almost promise. I get that it's 'easy' to do with html but not everything is being displayed with html - ad posts, etcetc.

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