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TES AU RP Coterie

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So, I have an interest check on this up here and at shadowplay, cttw, cc and rpg-d. I am posting up a coterie to see if anyone would be interested in assisting in the rp and its creation. At the moment I am unsure if it will be pre-morrowind/oblivion/skyrim or post, however the events of those games will not be a major effect in the rp. I am also unsure which province will be the main starting place for the rp. I don't think that doing all of Tamriel at the beginning is a good idea though starting in a slice of it and adding others if enough members show interest would be a good way to go. I know with ESO some of the unseen provinces are finally getting their share of the spotlight and with TES 6 finally announced we will hopefully be getting to see even more in the new game. I do know that all of the factions will be in existance (ie. thieves guild, dark brotherhood, mages guild, and fighters guild and any of the others) so members will still be able to belong to their favorite(s). 

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Hi there!


I'm struggling to work out what your intention for the coterie is.

  • As a place to RP TES stuff? If this, I think you should just keep it to user's choice. It'd be a super fun and relaxed way to explore the TES universe in whatever location and time period works for you.
  • As a place to discuss your forum idea? That doesn't really need a whole coterie. That's what your interest check (and this forum) is for. So you could create a topic in the brainstorming forum with a poll, letting people vote for the setting, scope and time period that they're most interested RPing.

Have a look at our coterie directory for a better idea of what they're intended for.


Roleplay Architects: Grab a friend (or many friends!) and just write.

You can also find me at:

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