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People of an Empire

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Site Name: Essence of Horhsal

Site Link: https://soulowls.rpginit.com/

Canon List:

We are looking for characters to populate the Etingnean Empire which is the first big place we use. It mostly focuses on the Imperial side, like the Senate, the army, dealing with other countries and conquering them, and so on, and the Imperial Academy where the future elites of the Empire are educated.


Imperials and politics

- Imperial family, so relatives of the Empress. This, however, ONLY means possible siblings, the former Emperor (who retired) and his wife (the Empress' mother), aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents. Not a husband or children because the Empress is still around 18-20 years old and too young to already have someone (this is not medieval Earth).

- Senators. They are powerful and just beneath the Empress when it comes to power. They may have no power over her but can still influence her by giving advice they think is the right one - they are like both ministers and advisors and can take care of specific tasks revolving the Empire, like education, economy etc. Senators are supposed to work together on paper but they can have completely different goals, scheme against each other or anything else. Need to be older than 30.

- Guardians of the Empress: The personal bodyguards of the Empress. They are powerful and each one of them is a master of an Aptitude, making them the strongest fighters of the whole empire. There is no Repudiator guardian because Etingnun despises them, so the guardians consist of one Aggressor, Farslinger, Supplicant (who was/is probably also the Empress' Supplicant instructor), Catalyzer and Exerter master each.
The guardians are absolutely loyal towards the Empress, only take orders from her - even Senators cannot command them - and protect her with their very lives. No threat is dangerous enough for them and they would slay anyone threatening the Empress. Even if none of them is around - the Empress would feel pressured if they are there all the time - you can be sure that at least one of them is close enough should anything occur. Need to be older than 30.

- There are also the imperial guards that are higher in number and do more than just protecting the Empress, like patrolling the palace or the capital, standing guard in front of important doors, protecting Senators, guarding the manor of the imperial family and more. The imperial guards are like a little elite force that is only stationed within the capital and poses as an extra protection for all Imperials. They mercilessly hunt down rebels - which is why the capital is as good as free of them - and ease the workload of the regular city guard by dealing with dangerous criminals. The imperial guard may not be as strong as the Guardians but they are just as important and often help them out.

- Diplomats and ambassadors who are tasked with foreign relations. They travel to other countries and try to better the relationship Etingnun has with them or give them proposals from the Empress and the Senate, they also bring important messages home and are vital for the Empire's relationship with other countries.

- Governors are substitute rulers that each rule over a bigger area of land that all make up the Etingnean Empire. Whenever a whole country gets conquered the lands of said country get grouped together into one area and get assigned to a governor - this will keep going even for centuries, meaning that there is always a new governor if the former one retires and even if the region has been fully integrated and no nationalism for the old country is left. Each governor has to listen to the capital and every order from there but they are often free to decide on certain things, like regional taxes. Each region that has a governor also has its own army but they do not listen to the governor, only to the general they are assigned to (and the Grand General). A governor can also ask for help from the capital since they are still a direct part of the Empire.
It is only possible to make a governor if there is a region outside the capital playable and it has no governor yet.


- Grand General of the Imperial Army (x1): This is the highest general of the Imperial Army and one of the few people that can always contact the Senate or the Empress. He/She is, of course, always present when the Empress and the Senate plan military strategies, conquests and expansions. Can command all military personnel, including regular generals. Needs to be older than 30.

- General: Not as powerful as the Grand General but still one of the most powerful people in the Empire since every general has the command over his or her own army. All of these armies together form the Imperial Army

- Officers, strategists, regular soldiers, medics, and anyone else working for the military or being a direct part of it.


Order of the Essence

- The Grandmaster (there is only one and they need to be older than 30.) of the Order of the Essence, Champions of Etingnun and regular members of the Order of the Essence.

The Champions of the Essence are a non-religious order that is somewhat part of the imperial army but independent from it, meaning generals can only command their members if it was allowed by someone above the order and the army. You could say that they are loyalists as well but they are more loyal towards the Essence than the Empress. Of course, they still accept her as their supreme leader.

The leader of the order is called Grandmaster and on the same level as the general of the imperial army, just slightly below the Senate. The Order of the Essence is not necessarily a military unit because they have more fields of duty than just fighting in conquests.

The members of the order also deal with traitors of any kind, investigate suspicious personnel no matter who it is - so even a Senator could end up being investigated by them - and act like a non-religious inquisition, punishing anyone who dares to antagonize the Essence or the empire. The Order is also strict and chooses its members with utmost care, only allowing the most trustworthy individuals to enter their ranks and those that have proven their worth for the empire.

Their top members are called Champions of Etingnun and, just like the Champions of other countries, particularly strong. They do not only fight but also help out imperial denouncers if there is a need but only if there is a suspicion of treachery involved. The most important investigations are also led by them and they are the ones to give the order of execution to executors when it comes to traitors who have been sentenced to death.

This is secret, so most people do not know about it, but some of them take it upon themselves to watch the actions of other important officials, like Senators and generals, and secretly report back to the Grandmaster. Even the Empress does not know that the Order is watching the other government bodies and keeping an eye on them. Of course, they do not watch the Empress like that since she is above everything except the Essence.


- Imperial Judge: One of the few judges that are able to hold court in the imperial tribunal. They are not used in regular court halls - look at the first post of the imperial tribunal RP place for more information (or I add it to the Etingnun Wiki entry if there is enough demand)

- Imperial denouncer: Prosecutors that are allowed to prosecute in cases held in the imperial tribunal. They would also be allowed to prosecute regular cases in regular court halls but most of them like to stick to the tribunal. May not have any ruling power but is still an official of the empire, meaning they have numerous insurances, high pay and receive much respect. Each one of them is different and uses different strategies to make sure defendants are found guilty, especially traitors to the empire.
- Imperial chief denouncer (x1): Basically the "boss" of the other denouncers who is also responsible for any scandals and shortcomings revolving the imperial denouncer faculty. Could prosecute tribunal cases but is often busy. Needs to be older than 30 (only meaning the chief denouncer).

- Vindicator: They are basically the same as defense lawyers but with the big difference that they are also allowed to defend defendants in the imperial tribunal which gives some of them a bad reputation because they are defending people that are accused of being traitors, dangerous criminals, and others although most people know they are just doing their job and respect them for it, especially if they can reach a not guilty verdict. Vindicators can still defend in the cases of regular court halls.

Imperial Academy

- The principal who can also be a Senator. The academy is led and financed by the government, so it only makes sense that the principal is either part of the Senate or affiliated with them in some way. There is also the vice-principal who acts as a substitute if the principal can not attend.

- Professors: Similar to teachers but focused on working with young adults rather than with children and teenagers. They hold readings and teach students, except combat students, everything they need to know, are the ones creating exams and grading them, and can act as a confidant for their students. They need to have studied the lectureship of the major they are teaching.

- Instructors: Similar to professors but wildly different in how they teach their students. They rarely hold any readings and rather physically train their students in training fields, combat students to be more precise. A lot of instructors are harsh but fair and do not take sass from their students, whoever decides to be a problem student gets some extra rounds to run or extra practices to make. Extreme cases could even end up fighting their instructor (and getting beaten by them) in a spar to get taught a lesson. They train different Aptitudes even if they have only one and know a lot about warfare and weapons which is why they sometimes hold readings for warfare students.

- Other personnel of the academy, like an academy doctor, janitors, kitchen workers etc.

Civil and other

- Servants, maidens (no, not anime maids), butlers, and other personnel that work in the Imperial Palace or in the manor of the imperial family. They have a multitude of tasks but are not "owned" by anyone - they are doing this for a wage and have their own lives outside their jobs (even though there are a lot of servants that live in the palace or manor and dedicate most of their lives to their job). The Empress has her own little group of personal retainers, all of them maidens, that try to make her daily life as easy as possible and help her with things like her hair (she definitely needs help there) and getting dressed for important occasions.

- Regular citizens that can have all different kinds of jobs. Even though the description is short this is the broadest type of character role out there since it contains almost everything that is not listed here.

- Foreigners, that do not live in Etingnun, like adventurers, tourists, bounty hunters, travelers and so on. These types of characters fit into the international/unbound group but can still visit Etingnun.

- Rebels, traitors and other enemies of the Empire.
Most rebels can be found in cities that are not the capital since hiding in its premises would be extremely dangerous, plus the Imperial Guard and the Order of the Essence would slaughter them within minutes, so you will not find many, if any, rebels in the capital. Most of them are active in the Zedanzar region since it is the country that was conquered the most recently.
Traitors, on the other hand, can show up anywhere but you should keep that a secret since that would kind of ruin the premise of one, otherwise.
Other enemies are people like spies from hostile countries or anyone else who could hold a grudge against the Empire.

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