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Clyde to my Bonnie

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Animals, Horror & Supernatural, Other See below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Animals: My first ever role play was with animals. Simply put, I can put any personality into an animal or animal-like character over a human. Wolves, Lions, Horses, are all fair game.

    ----> Stable role plays: I am open to stable or stable management role plays with the option to play as the animal and individual.

    ---> Fantasy animal: I'm very interested in animal rps with some sort of fantasy element within them. It can be as simple as different colors and markings to complex as elemental powers or mixed creatures.


    Horror & Supernatural: I've dabbled in some supernatural role plays in the past. Any rp that allows demons into the human world (as balanced individuals) is game to me. I have also enjoyed multiple supernatural entities on one planet with portals to go to different worlds or realms. Characters ranging from dragonkin to fairies or mixed breeds and hybrids are of interest to me.


    Other: RPs with mixed elements are fair game such as a site with supernatural and animal aspects, or hybrids based off of some shows but with non canon opportunities. Supernatural being an example, focusing on the early series without canon Dean, Sam etc being the main focus.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres: Historical, School & College
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    Historical: My beau is the history buff, not me. I'm not very good at researching and interpreting that research into a character for historical purposes. I'm  visual and would need to watch almost every historical documentary and docudrama imaginable to feel comfortable making a character that could be passable in the genre.


    School & College: Too close to real life right now. Insert giggle here. I find it challenging to keep my human character personalities and my personality separate, so adding the factor of college would muddle my brain even more.


About Me

I like to keep information about me to a minimum. I'm more of an irl extrovert. I am in college with a full time job so posts may come at different intervals or slower than some others. As long as I have a partner to save-the-date with, I imagine this will not cause too much of an issue. I would like to have some consistency with a rp partner, which has been a goal/dream of mine since I began role playing when I was 16/17 years old.


I'm in my mid twenties, rapidly approaching 30, it seems. For me, role playing always took the edge off reality. Developing characters became a small hobby of mine, when I had the time. I loved growing with characters and developing them. I used to attempt to adapt characters from one place to another, but it turned to be, at times, impossible or even detrimental to the original design of the character. Now, I make and develop characters for specific purposes that are meant to stay on specific sites, forums, or communities.


I am rusty when it comes to role play, so I ask for a lot of understanding. I am willing to adapt and grow in the rp community with time and experience.

Play Style

Do your characters control their own actions or do you have control of your characters?

--- I'm not entirely certain what this question is asking me. For the most part, I control what my characters say, do, and how they react. Ultimately, it is up to me if they grow and change or remain stagnant. However, I have had two characters that were more free. These characters were created with the purpose of being different and at times used for satirical purposes. For your consideration, the gorgeous 100/100 attractive guy that is weak, both physically and mentally, feeds off of the approval of others, is very misogynistic,  and incredibly vain with a loud bark and no bite. Problem is, I barely got to play him due to the fact he was involved with art rp, which means I would need to create an art piece with the story and that took large amounts of time. Thing is, he was very fun to play. I had no control over his actions. He was his own character.


Do you allow people to god-mode or power play your characters without permission?

--- Never without permission. If there is a section where my character is god-modded or power played, it is because it was discussed in a plot involving the other character or characters. For instance, if my character has a near fatal hit, this would be planned prior to the strike. I would know it was coming but not always when. If my character is set to go crazy, seeing delusions or hearing voices, again it would need to be planned beforehand.


There are instances where I allow "bunnying" which, from my understanding, was considered a soft version of power playing. This could involve a character getting the wrong signal and moving in for a kiss, being able to touch my character's lips or cheek, but I would be able to decide how my character reacted such as a slap or moves away, addressing the situation how they see fit. Bunnying always involved an action that was not detrimental to my character in an extreme way. No extreme violence was permitted for this type of action and the intent is innocent.


Do you like rapid fire or to wait a few days for a post?

--- I've always waited for posts. Keeping in mind that I would like a scheduled time to role play, waiting seems to be the most available option. I am not adverse to saving-a-date for discord rapid fire role playing but that may be few and far between.

IC Limits

Mature content is my only IC limit. Sexual role plays will fade to black, always.

Violent and gory role plays will be limited in scope. I'm not a fan of writing about a severed limb in the most graphic terms.

Battles and fights need to have plots. There is a goal. My character can loose. I am very open to my character sustaining injuries so long as it is discussed.


I am very open to playing male, female, and non binary characters. I am ok with playing characters who are lgbtq friendly.

Some recent characters I have designed are asexual and aromantic. I would love the opportunity to role play as those, also.

Plots I'd Like

Any plot involving critical thought. My favorite past plot was having a diplomatic character or a character that could be on a committee of some sort. This committee could be talking about expansion or quelling tensions in the community. Any plot requiring one or more diplomat-like characters are long term plots with no foreseeable end.


Light - Dark  - Neutral parts where I need to pick a side that is not neutral. I would like a smaller part in a battle or conflict of some sort. This would be a shorter plot, not lasting more than a few thousand words overall (I'm thinking about 20,000 words or less for the entire plot on my end). It can be shelved and brought back with another conflict. My character can die or suffer extreme wounds.

Other Information

I have no clue what Nova is but I may be open to it with explanation.


I just thought of something after reviewing my answers. It is a big pain for me to adhere to the website requirement some forums have regarding characters. I don't have that much time to maintain a separate website, a tracker, and involve myself with multiple plots. Simple point, don't make it a requirement for me to have a weebly with a listing of all my characters in addition to an on site tracker (where I can keep all information of my characters).


Super open to Discord role plays as well.

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