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Dragon Age Writing - PBP RPG

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Preferred Genres

  • Preferred Genres: Fandom see below
  • Specific Preferred Genres:

    Dragon Age fandom. Specifically for a DA fandom game I'm already a member of (I'm just a writer/player there and have no mod or admin powers at this time).

    I'm slowly building a Witcher PBP, but not launching that game just yet.

Unwanted Genres

  • Unwanted Genres:
  • Specific Unwanted Genres:

    I'm not looking to join anyone else's rpg at this time. I'm pretty loyal to my current roster.


About Me

I'm from Canada and I'm a veteran of a very old PBP game, no longer active but definitely searchable via Google cache, called Worlde Arcane. I created a lot of content for that site when it was still live. Back then, my character/gamer/mod name was Elena / Ash / Gaia.


I'm currently part of a very new Dragon Age play by post community called Thedas: Timelines. We're all very experienced writers and roleplayers over there - many of us write, in some fashion, for a living in real life. The standard is relatively high. Despite my preference for fandom rpgs, I don't actually write a lot of solo fanfic. I just enjoy pre-constructed worlds - especially all things Thedas!


In between posts, I'm active on Discord chat - so we can perpetually be plotting there on the side.


Play Style

I take a very "yes and" approach, which is an old improv rule. It means you don't discount what another writer has written and you don't just write reactively. You acknowledge the other writer's intention and contribute / add to it. Each of us is still in full control of our own characters, however. It's pretty traditional play by post etiquette. No godmoding, no powergaming. If you need to write a specific reaction for another character, always check in with the player first to see if it's okay to do so.


I'd love to find writers who don't just write dialogue in their responses. I want to read the inner workings of my writing partner's character's mind. I love details. I tend to employ a lot of "chekhov's guns" because it's fun to do. Again, it falls back to foreshadowing and building histories. I really want to write with others who value immersive detail.


While my characters are incredibly detailed, I still want to collaborate with other writers and their characters because mutual character development and mutual player contribution is important to me. I don't want to be the only person getting something out of a plot - even if that plot is technically a "personal quest". We can both contribute to cultivating each other's backstories!


A lot of the plotting happens via Discord, to work out initial ideas or just to brainstorm in general. That's all pretty informal and friendly! Once some ideas are hammered out, I'm good to let the nitty gritty happen organically as we write together. For example, I'm a fan of slow burn character romances, because those are adorable. Slow burn rivalries might be interesting too. I love it all.


Posts can be slow at times, due to real life, but they tend to speed up when a plot has writers, including myself, all excited. It's a community of writers though, so you wouldn't necessarily have to wait on just me because you could rp with others in our game too.

IC Limits

I'm pretty open to mature content. Our game is 18+. We have a system of marking threads as a mature if they include graphic content.




If our characters decide to explore some kind of romance, I'm open to writing adult storylines if our narrative takes us there. I'm comfortable with writing on the erotic scale if the story goes that way organically. It'd be a slow burn, for Hana at least, most likely.


Our gaming community is LGBT friendly, too, by the way. My current two characters identify as straight but if you do want to explore an unrequited same-sex relationship plot with your own character, I'm totally open to it. I'll respect whatever you want to bring to the creative table.


My character Hanamene hasn't had a ton of experience with men. Maybe some chaste romances in her youth. Some crushes in her adult life. Pretty tame, either way. So far, anyway.


Magnus definitely got around and probably broke some hearts in his time. He may even have had his own heart broken in return, a time or two.




My characters are both trained fighters who will engage in combat if attacked or warranted. If you write your character as slashing out at one of mine, I often write in my replies that the blow landed - because perfect characters that always evade situations are boring. I like gritty storylines as much as romantic ones.


The typical rule is that while we can attack each other's characters in-game, it's still up to each individual player to decide the outcome over their own characters i.e. how they react. We try to be good sports about it, and let some of the hits land or have consequences at times - because that's contributing to the plot! Obviously, no one can full on kill another character without the other player's permission.


I'm not big on writing sexual violence. My characters might be sexually adventurous, but I wouldn't be up for outright sexual assault scenes. Just not my thing. Sorry!

Plots I'd Like

I have two original characters I'd like to develop further with some key plots, with other original characters as well as canon characters.


The game runs some canon events as main plots but we're allowed to develop our characters individually as well.


For Hanamene:

  • Characters from her past, included but not limited to: childhood friends, first/chaste crushes/romances, or general Thornecroft-family acquaintances (from Redcliffe, Hinterlands, Lothering, Honnleath, Kirkwall Circle, Chantries, etc.). We can work out the details of how they knew each other, but those are the main starting points where Hana is concerned.
  • Finding her father's killer (who was a yet-to-be-named blood mage), and seeking justice.
  • Life-at-the-Circle threads, specific to Kirkwall post-Blight. Hana almost became a templar so I really want to find other characters to write with that have Kirkwall Circle or Chantry affiliations.
  • The game could really use a Cullen as well. I'm not a mod so I can't promise you'd be able to play him, since you'd have to contact the staff to request to play any specific canon character - but I'd really love to explore some Hana/Cullen plots (I'm a shameless Cullenite).
  • Foreshadowing plots for the Post-Inquisition timeline (P.S. the game runs two different timelines - one post-Origins / mid DA:2 building up toward Inquis, the other post-Inquis/Trespasser). I have a mini-plot set up, and some mods plan to participate with their canons, whereby Hanamene eventually leaves Kirkwall to return to Ferelden and establishes a small cavalry unit called the Drakestone Irregulars. They're not mercenaries per say, rather experienced soldiers / cavalrymen - and there will be some kind of affiliation with Redcliffe. They're going to take part in the Mage-Templar War but will be neutral to both sides (their loyalty to the region instead).
  • Romance threads in general. Hana had a sheltered upbringing so it'd be fun to see her come out of her shell. Plus, rom plots are always fun. Even love triangles. Why not!?


For Magnus:

  • Characters from his past, plots might include: childhood friends, former flames (he got around), former rivals (he was also a former pugilist so it's possible they were professional rivals and not personal ones, too), former and current employers.
  • Life of the lam plots, with Magnus being cagey around Grey Wardens. It'd be great if someone wanted to play the warden who tried to recruit him or someone similar, sent to find him.
  • Highever plots. We currently have one on the go that you could jump into. Magnus is new in town and just about to be hired to be an unofficial guard of sorts, to keep the peace in the city's vastly growing slums along the South Wall.

Other Information

The game has a lot of rules, so definitely familiarize yourself first. We're active on our Discord channel in between posting, so you can always sign up and then ask questions there. I'm available for PMs there, too.


Again, this is for a Dragon Age fandom play by post roleplaying game. Which you can check out here. I'd really love to write alongside a variety of different people, for Hanamene especially. I need more narratives with her, specifically, but Magnus is open too.

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